Thursday, November 7, 2013

Western black rhino declared extinct.

Last night my hubby and I were playing with Bing.  At the bottom of the screen was headlines. You click them and you get points. Well, there was one with a picture of the rhino on it. We clicked it, well he clicked and I read a sad headline.
"Western black rhino declared extinct"
this was a CNN link. We clicked and I felt my heart sink. Horrible ignorance has once again caused extinction of a majestic species. Remember the dodo? Me either. This is becauae it was wiped out from those jolly hunters wiping them out. Now they only exist in museums like a dinosaur. 
But, back to this sub species of rhino. It was last seen in the wild back in 2006. 2006 people!! Poachers wiped them out for their prized horns that and I am sure lack of land didn't help. Now this once abundant creature will be only found inside zoos or seen in museums.  And no they more than likely will not be released back in the wild.
How sad this is and I cried last night. Many people would say,"why does this matter, um there are still some in the zoo". Well, there are no rhinos like this in the wild and that people is terrible. It is only a matter of time before tigers, the African elephant, and certain species of sharks will follow the western black rhino. Something only to be seen in a zoo or God help us in a museum. 
You can click on the link for the article below.
CNN report "Western Black Rhino extinct"
For a list of recent extinctions check this out:
Extinction species-thedailygreen

Note: sorry for any typos or horrible spelling and or grammar. I am working on 4 hours of sleep. And am trying to get it all.TEEEEEETHING BABYTIME IS FUN!

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