Sunday, November 17, 2013

Coffee and eBay, this is my morning. Coffee and a Thought.

Happy Sunday all. This morning I am drinking my Barnies Santa's White Christmas coffee and playing with my eBay store, Chippey's Shoppe. I am finishing up listing the Yankee candle that I found unopened. I can not burn a cookie scented candle, it makes me too hungry all the time. My boy was up at 5 AM today so I havc been up for a bit. I need more coffee. I also got to finish listing some stuff for eBay. Lemax Christmas and baby clothes. I am not sure how to go about listing a baby bath, bassinet, or car seat. I have all three needing to be sold and am worried about shipping. Other sellers list the items and car seat shipping was $75. I mean it is heavy it comes with 2 bases. Local pick up perhaps? Maybe Craig's list. Thoughts?
My store has become my job definitely and I have the cutest Vice president of sales ever! He is the happiest worker ever, even if he just gets in the way. He loves having his pic taken, so he is always in the way of pictures for listing. It is one of the reasons it takes me forever and a day to list, but I love it. Wouldn't you?
The smiles and baby babble make it the reason's I work so hard, and forgive that he is trying to eat the product. Right now he is grouching on the floor with his bottle, I guess it made him mad.
 Yesterday, I over did it, I scrubbed the floors by hand and am feeling it today. so I didn't get much eBay done. What do you think Pajama day? Do any of you feel like a lazy couch potato if you lounge in pj's for a day? I end up getting dressed anyway and cleaning. I have this new obsession, I am constantly feeling like my house isn't clean enough. I guess this came about when I first moved into my home. It was a disaster, and I am still not done cleaning from that. The renters had destroyed it. The carpet was an animal litter box, and I found hedgehog needles, different cat fuzz,dog fuzz, different bird feathers, bunny poops; these people had a zoo. The kitchen looked like it was never cleaned. The bathrooms were in the same state. SO, I obsessively clean. Wouldn't you? I told my mom and dad about all that, and they told me all the stuff they found when they renovated our house in St Louis. I am amazed by what people do.
So, yeah, instead of relaxing I will probably clean, again. Last night I was washing clothes and hanging dry because our dryer broke and my oven wont SHUT OFF! What in the world is going on?! All I know is it sucks.When it rains it pours and I feel like I have been stuck in a never ending Monsoon. Just got to stay strong and keep the faith, right? Yup.

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