Monday, November 25, 2013

A boy and his dog.

When I was pregnant with my son, everyone was concerned about how my cat would react to him. They never suspected the dog would be aggressive. I was told "He will smell you and your hubby on the baby, so don't worry" I would nod and smile, deep down I had a fear he would be mean to my baby. My gut feeling was right.
My dog continues to show signs of aggression towards my son. He tried to get him at 3 months old and now he growls at him all the time as if he is a stranger in the house. My son will be playing on the floor minding his business and hear comes my American Eskimo runs up and starts growling. Only it isn't for play, he is serious. My son will crawl about the house and the dog will growl near his bowl. Food aggression is something he has never had an issue with before. He will then walk up to my son and start growling. If the big cat is near by he intercepts. If not I do, and he gets into trouble.
Is it jealousy? Is it just old age? Is he becoming a more aggressive dog? My grandmother suspects jealousy and has warned me that it will get worse. And I may not be able to get to my son in time next time. She said if it were her. she would get rid of him. But, I can not see getting rid of a dog for growling. I know that any shelter would put him down. I can not justify it, nor could I live with myself. So here I am on constant alert. Waiting for the inevitable, and may be he wont do anything. I guess time will tell.
What do you think?

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