Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gta4, kids are playing this?

I had just finished watching a gruesome torture scene from Grand Theft Auto last night. I was freaking queezy.  It was harsh and both myself and hubby are just flabbergasted about a little statistic moat gamers know. Why? Because this is one of the highest grossing games and probably 70-85% of purchased games are being played by children under the age of 18. I am not talking just teens but younger children. And all I can say is why? This game is violent and although entertaining,  it should not be played by a 7 or 8 year old. I have seen kids in Target and Walmart begging their parents to buy it and guess what, it ends up in the cart. The parent never even looks at the case, doesn't even read what the rating is, and does not even Google the game. And these are the same people that say video games are ruining our children. No, it is the parents responsibility to know what their kid is playing. I am a gamer, I grew up in a gaming family. I am married to a gamer. We both know what games are OK and which aren't.  If we don't, we use this thing called Google and look it up.  There are game ratings just as there are video ratings. And just like parents need to know what their kids watch, they also must know what they are playing. Who cares if they throw a tantrum? You are in the controller's seat and you call the shots. 
And while there may be some kids that could "handle" the games. It should still be warned that even the best of child and mature of child can still have nightmares from Resident Evil and Dead Space.
The other side is yes, you know your kid better than anyone else. So, if you think they can handle it that is your choice.  But as a gamer all I ask is you look into the game first before getting it for little 8 year old Timmy. The same goes for all video games. As the parent or caregiver you know best, and this holiday season make informed descisions on what games they can or can't play. Let the kids be kids. Would I let my son play it? Not on your life. Not until he is much older and almost out of high school. 

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