Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A cup of coffee and a thought, oh my lights.

Helping mama with untangling lights
After a great(sarcasm) morning at the local WIC office, I came home and decided to get some laundry done as well as go into a slight Christmas mode. The week of Thanksgiving I go through my Christmas decor and lights to see what needs replacing and what needs new bulbs. I also go through my ornaments and check for casulties. Which one of my German ornaments bit the dust, I am not happy. But still it could have been worse. My lights are needing some replacing, I have 2 strands that don't work. I am hoping I have enough to go around the front of the house. If not, then I will replace them with multi-colored lights and use them somewhere else. I am not a light fanatic but, I do love decking the halls. OK, maybe I am a fanatic. The one thing I can not seem to find is my solar lights. I will have to go into the attic to get them, I think that is where they are. If not then I have no clue where they are. I tried to go into the attic while my baby is sleeping and um, I can not get the door open. I felt like a monkey hanging from the ceiling. It wouldn't budge. So, after I finish my Miso soup I am going to try again. Why? Because I wanna. I just hope I do not get stuck up there like Clark Griswald.

 This week is a week of firsts for my Little man, it is his 1st Thanksgiving and his first Christmas Tree decorating. And although he can not eat the food, I know everyone around him will be thankful that he is around. I know I am. And that is where I want to leave off with today. I am thankful for this week of firsts for my baby and for the people that will be sharing it with us.

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