Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cup of coffee and a thought

This is my experiment, each day even after NaBloPoMo November on Blogher, I shall continue to blog everyday. But with a coffee and whatever comes to mind. I am hoping this will help me blog better and be a better writer. If anything else it will be entertaining.

Today I was up at 4 Am. Why? Well, that is when my baby decided it was time to get up. Not because he fell asleep at 8 Pm, as his daddy will surely say. But because he was wet, hungry, and just one fuss pot. He didn't nap yesterday, so going to bed at 8 Pm made sense. At the time it made sense. So, so far he only has the two teeth. Right now, and he doesn't like juice. I even tried watering it down. Nope he hates it, I am trying to find pear juice and thought I may have seen some, but I can not remember where. Great. 
A bunch of stuff has been on my mind. Like where am I going to put the Christmas tree this year, and will he get into it. We all know the answer to the second question. There is no doubt that my boy will be IN the tree. I also think he will be walking by then, at 9 months. He keeps trying to stand on his own from crawling and he tries to walk when he pulls up. As for where I plan on putting my tree, I have no idea. I am lost on that. And really why am I thinking about that. Thanksgiving has not even come by. 

In my cup today is New England coffee and Coffee Mate Thin Mints. The Creamer is good, but the coffee is bleh. It is a medium roast and just tastes like coffee flavored water if you do not double up on the scoops. So, for this size pot, you will do 4 tablespoons instead of 3 and even that is not enough. I am not a STRONG coffee lover but I do like flavor. This is right up there with the Green Mountain Kcups. Not very good. Also, to cut down bitterness in coffee ad a pinch of salt.It helps!

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