Friday, November 1, 2013

Tick or treat!

Last night was my little man's first Halloween! He was such a cute bear,at least while it lasted. He was adorable and I loved his costume. One thing I really noticed is the baby costumes are made too hot! Come on people, not everyone lives in Massachusetts.  Some people, for instance live in Florida; where it is hot as hell. Last night he was a sweaty mess. So, I took the costume off and left the hat on. I felt guilty trick or treating with him like that. So, I let my nieces go to the houses while my hubby stayed in view of them. He slept anyways. He was a tired little man.
There were so many cute costumes and I noticed a huge trend. Kids went all out this year. They wore the most compelling and creative costumes. Grotesque and cute alike. There was an abundance of wonderfully home designed costumes I was taken back by it. There was even a kid on stilts walking around. Cool right?
Now while there was an abundance of kids out, there was not however many houses treating this year. Money is tight and I get it, but do not leave the porch light on. I had to witness so many sad faces last night because of that. Really? What happened to Halloween edicate? You were a kid once, surely you remember.

There were some great decked out homes and people going all out on decor.I got some pics! See below!
Now on to something really compelling. Baby costumes. So, costume designers why do you make the costumes so damned hot? Sorry for the swear but really my baby was dying in it. He was miserable. And like I said above, why do you make them that way? I think retailer purchasers need to think about that. Um a baby in FL does not need the thermal protection that a baby in Illinois needs.So, parents if they don't have time to make a costume have to buy a sweat suit for their kid. I'm sorry little man that mommy tortured you in that bear suit.Poor baby.
So, on to the picture show!

Orlando,Fl 2013
Orlando,fl they always deck out the houses
Orlando,fl 2013
Loved this! Orlando,FL2013
I was shaking from laughing at the guy with the chainsaw scaring my nieces
Yeah, thermal costumes go in 80degree weather!

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