Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's Sunday clip those coupons!

It is Sunday and you all know what that means?! COUPONS! Yes, the coupons are here today. I love getting that paper and seeing the coupons inside. Why? Because that is money in my pocket. Saving money on groceries means that I can use it elsewhere. Like in savings or something else.Now, I am just starting my couponers journey. I have saved money but it has only been 50 dollars here and 17 dollars there. I am sure I will get the hang of it.

I have found printing coupons online helps a great deal. You can use them combined with store and other coupons. That is if your printer works and isn't out of ink.This link takes you to my coupon  clipper, click here!

It takes patience and some organization, hopefully I can continue to grow and get better at this!
So far, I have yet to pay full price for diapers!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pandora and the rockabye baby station.

Tired of the little lullabies that have to listen to? You know what it is, that cutsey stuff that is bearable for a short while? I have found a GREAT Pandora radio station! It is Rockabye baby, and it plays rock and other non-traditional music for babies. Like Aerosmith and Metalica. Yes, you read it right,Metalica. Only they use strings, piano, and cutesy versions of the songs. It also plays Journey and Katy Perry as lullabies. Don't believe me? Get on Pandora and check it out! 
This station makes the baby music more appealing for those of us who get tired of "It's a small world" and other songs. And yes, I know it is for the baby and not me or my husband, but we need to be able to sit through it too. This station provides a balance between mommy and daddy's music with baby's music. It isn't a bad thing, balance is good. 
With this I must say my little guy loves it, he falls right asleep. Or, he just listens to it while we play. Check it out. 

Finally a crib bumper

I finally got the crib bumper for the crib. I feel like a slacker.
I swear every other mom probably had their child's crib all set up with crib bumper in place. Me on the other hand had to wait. My son's nursery is just about done and I am so proud of myself!  This Lion king theme is just awesome!