Friday, May 30, 2014

New is tough

If this were easy then everyone would be doing this,right?
The above is what I was saying to myself as I was trying to fish a brochure out of my purse to someone who was a potential customer. You see, on top of my eBay store gofashiondeals, I sell Avon. Which I am pretty sure I mentioned in my last entry..pretty sure. I am wanting to do this as I may have stated before for many reasons;to help out, to stay home for my son,and I was a loya Avon customer for years a long time ago.

Today, I said to myself I was going to hand out 3 Avon brochures. Seems simple right? Wrong.i found myself looking around and being very shy, didn't say a word. Great job me. Another opportunity arose when my mom and I were talking to this very nice lady in another store. I got enough courage to hand her a flier and then my hand got caught on my purse and my son started to have a fit. 
Which brings me to my initial sentence. And yes, this is hard. And it mAkes one realize just how introverted one is. It is something I will have to break out of. For the sake of my Avon business,I will have to become the person who can talk to anyone. I will.
Just who would have thought it would be so difficult. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wow, been a while.

Wow, it has been a while hasn't it? I have been busying myself on gofashiondeals, and ignoring this blog. This is where I talk all things motherish and other stuff. I find myself being torn between two worlds. This blog world and the other. Gofashiondeals is where I talk about fashion and other stuff. And while I should be just talking about that, I have noticed that other bloggers talk about more than just their niches. I am not sure what to do here. Do I continue to post everything? This includes fashion, the weird, baby things, and cosmetic goodies. Do I put all my "life stuff" back on here? I am so torn. And now with my selling Avon, I have a cute little blog there as well. I feel both blogs can relate to that. I mean I even post about my eBay store on both. It's baby week on my eBay store this week. I am going to figure this out. 

An update. Though while I decide.
I have taken the Avon plunge. I have decided to sell Avon. Which I posted on my Twitter feeds and my Facebook page for gofashiondeals. I guess this belongs there. But, I need to say this. I feel like somehow my family won't be very supportive. My husband is, but they may not be. I can feel the eye rolling from them as I talk of it. Even though the only one I have said it directly to is my mom. She looked at me like I was a foreign object in her home. And then got the, dreaded and awkward "ooookkkaaayy....." Silence would have been better. 

I feel this is a good fit for me and fate keeps tossing it at my every turn when I sit wondering about what I shall do to help out financially around here. Along with eBay. Fate pretty much slapped my face with it yesterday, and well...we will see. I am more confident this time than with Mary Kay(disaster that it was). I feel this time will be different, this time there is more at stake. I want to succeed and be a part of something with good and I loooove their stuff. 

We shall see how deep the rabbit hole is this time and how far it goes.
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