Friday, November 29, 2013

Learning a new language, let the fun begin.

I took Spanish in highschool, took French in college. The Spanish didn't take and the French was ok. I retained more of that than the latter. Then I discovered a new app for my tablet, for learning new languages. The app is duolingo and it is fun. Then I remembered why I got frustrated with learning languages.  I am having trouble with have,had,plurals, manges vs mangeon or whatever. This is a free app, but very helpful. I think I'll start writing down the hints and lessons. I am determined this time. I am. And I'll chronicle my learning adventures.  I can not get frustrated with it.

Trim up the tree

Trim up the tree with dingle balls and who who fluff. Today has been all about decorating the tree and house. And I am almost down. Woo!
The lights are on the house except the icicle lights. I need gutter clamps. I also am missing solar lights and other things. I was hoping to use those on a giant wreath. I need to find them along with my timers. 
My tree needs a bigger star. Yup.

My Post Thanksgiving day; up goes that tree!

I love being home black Friday. I love getting out my tree and putting it up. This year I put up a different tree. I needed to be fast so up went the master bredroom tree. That's ok, it looks great in my living room. Trying to find room for things is a toughie. I am sure I can mnage. Sorry for the shortness of this post, got lots to do today.
My Christmas kitty 
Found this tree in the garage and it is better than I hoped!
I need more dinosaurs

Thanksgiving is done, now what?

Thanksgiving was a success.  We had a lot of food and great laughs. The baby was good but in pain from gums. But once he found a tin he was very entertained. But now it is over and now it is time for lights, egg nog, and a fellow in a red suit. Christmas is on it's way. And here below is my first twinkly lights that I took pics of.
We were on the way home last night and saw this
so pretty
I love this tree
What a great end to the day.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Really? The forecasters failed to mention this. Ahem.

My little man woke me up at 3 again but he was not hungry.My baby was a popsickle. He was cold even with a blankie. So, we went to mama and dadda's bed. He fell back asleep, thank goodness. I get up at 6:30 to check the temp and looky there. Happy Thanksgiving. It is 36 out. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Walking and dancing my way to the mailbox.

Today was a short walk. It was a bit chilly and windy out, so to make the most of the walk I decided to walk and dance down to the mailbox. What a sight that must have been. Some blonde dancing down the street like a lunatic with a stroller. It was fun, and my baby got some fun out of it. We enjoyed it. We danced there and walked briskly back home. I was hoping to see some Christmas houses on the way to blog about. But there were none that I saw. Yes it is a few days early but there is a couple houses on one street that are decked up. 

My baby finally ate something, some squash. Not much but he ate something. Then he refused his bottle. AHHHHHH...this kid. I know it is a phase and teething.  So, all I can do is watch him and give him snuggles. Babies need to be nommed on and snuggled often, you know. 
Now I am off to try a new recipe courtesy of a fellow blogger on Kayln from Kayln's Kitchen . Can not wait to taste it tonight for dinner, roasted Sweet potatoes with red onion and feta. Only, I have shallots not red onion. But it should work, right?

The day before, Turkey day.

It is Wens, and it is Thanksgiving eve. This morning I was off to a rocky start, my baby keeps waking up at 3:30 Am each day, takes a bottle and then snoozes until 6-6:30 AM. I just can not get him to sleep all night anymore. Phase? He also is not wanting to eat. After a few bites he just turns his head like "I am full,bleh" He also discovered how to be uber pathetic and act like he is going to puke. Oh the joys of boys.  I know it is partially teething and from what I have been seeing on Babycenter and Circle of moms that this is a normal phemomona that hits between 8-10 months. They are just not as hungry as before or they see too much going on. They want to be in the middle of it. He only has two teeth so it isn't like he can really chew anything. He did, however, try to feed himself. So, maybe that is it. He wants to do it. He did try this morning and we ended up messy. Very messy.  Then the fittings started and he just was not happy no matter what. Over tired little man.

Today, is a cool 70 degrees out. Ahh it feels like fall. But, this is short lived. It will soon be hot as you know where in no time, again. I have to say even though it is FL, it is unusally hot this year. Global Warming much?
So, it being Thanksgiving tomorrow;I thought I would ask what is your favorite Thanksgiving day memory.
Growing up in MO, we would have my Grandma and uncle from the Ozarks come up to St Louis to have Thanksgiving. There would be lots of laughs, mashed potatoes, and fart jokes courtesy of my dad and uncle. There would be a fight over the wishing bone and then the night would finish with my dad and uncle playing hockey on the Sega Genesis and the rest of us playing Rummy with grandma. Those sweet memories you just can not replace and it was the best. Also, knowing that dad was going to put up lights the next day. I can still hear the colorful vocabulary as he fell from the roof. Or if the lights would not go on. We never did Black Friday. It was just too much fun at home.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hello, I am a Food Network and Cooking channel aholic

Hi readers,
I have a slight confession, I am a cooking show fanatic. I don't care if it is a bake off or Barefoot Contessa, I will watch it. My husband doesn't understand how I can watch it so much. It is good TV, there is no fighting, no yelling,no swearing, and lots of promise. I learn a bunch from watching it. For instance I just learned how to make an easy inexpensive white truffle butter pasta. So, why not watch it. It is easy watching food shows. I don't have to think a whole lot when watching it. Right now I am watching someone make a Turduken. Which is a chicken stuffed into a duck which is stuffed inside a turkey. Have you ever had any? I have to say, I am not really interested in it. But, it seems interesting. I also have seen Paula Deen deep fry a turkey. The question is, do you fry your turkey, or do you do it the old fashioned way. Do you brine your turkey? Do you baste your turkey?

All this turkey talk makes me want it to be Thursday already!
Just a few days left!

A cup of coffee and a thought, oh my lights.

Helping mama with untangling lights
After a great(sarcasm) morning at the local WIC office, I came home and decided to get some laundry done as well as go into a slight Christmas mode. The week of Thanksgiving I go through my Christmas decor and lights to see what needs replacing and what needs new bulbs. I also go through my ornaments and check for casulties. Which one of my German ornaments bit the dust, I am not happy. But still it could have been worse. My lights are needing some replacing, I have 2 strands that don't work. I am hoping I have enough to go around the front of the house. If not, then I will replace them with multi-colored lights and use them somewhere else. I am not a light fanatic but, I do love decking the halls. OK, maybe I am a fanatic. The one thing I can not seem to find is my solar lights. I will have to go into the attic to get them, I think that is where they are. If not then I have no clue where they are. I tried to go into the attic while my baby is sleeping and um, I can not get the door open. I felt like a monkey hanging from the ceiling. It wouldn't budge. So, after I finish my Miso soup I am going to try again. Why? Because I wanna. I just hope I do not get stuck up there like Clark Griswald.

 This week is a week of firsts for my Little man, it is his 1st Thanksgiving and his first Christmas Tree decorating. And although he can not eat the food, I know everyone around him will be thankful that he is around. I know I am. And that is where I want to leave off with today. I am thankful for this week of firsts for my baby and for the people that will be sharing it with us.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Great savings, I gotta share!

I told my hubby I got what I wanted for Christmas already and look what I found!

I posted on Gofashiondeals this amazing savings on baby clothes for my boy. I bought him some new clothes for the winter; not that we get much of a winter here. The Children's Place has a good pre-black Friday sale online right now. And with the coupon, I was able to save 25% on his order. I got socks for $1.78. It was a 2 pack. You can not beat that! I got him the sleeper pictured above, in a size 9-12 months. YAY! It fits my feeling this Christmas. He is all the gift I need, that little baby boy. They have it for girls too.

I saved $12.34 today and got points as well. I have found, as I stated on Gofashiondeals, that I have found better clothing options online with this store. In the stores their selection for boys is not as good as Gymboree. However,online has made up for it. I posted the linky that I used to get his stuff with. I had to share this!

Pre-Thanskgiving Sale! Save 25% off Everything! Use coupon code TURKEY25

Monday can be fun days.

Today is Monday(no duh) and I am trying to make it a fun day for me an my boy. So far we have rolled around on the carpet. He helped me wrap gifts, and discovered one of his! Now he wont leave it alone. And keeps finding the thing! He will disappear and then I hear the alphabet song...found him. He is laughing and dancing. We have also done some house hold chores while watching Peppa Pig, his favorite. We are getting ready for Christmas decorating. I found my Christmas bins and need to go into the attic to get his white tree for his dinosaur extreme tree. Little boys have EXTREME Christmas trees. It is going to be covered in over $100 in blown glass ornaments....I had just realized he has one expensive ornament selection. I got a discount on them from Hobby Lobby, but still without that each ornament would have been $5.99 to 10.99 per ornament. Am I crazy? Yes, absolutely. But, this is my favorite time of year and I go Christmas tree crazy. How many do I have? Well, I have one in the master bedroom, one in his bedroom, and the main tree. Why not? Anyways, we are prepping for this Friday; where we will be decorating instead of shopping. Ahh, nothing will be better than a glass of sparkling Barefoot Pink Moscato and my Christmas tree being abused by my baby boy. My ornaments will be in trouble and his tree will be safe. He never goes into his OWN room. Just mommy and daddy's room.
But, today we are getting a lot of fun done. He even tried to feed his mommy "pretend" food. This week I hope goes by fast, we have a lot to do this weekend.
If you want my Black Friday survival guide I finally posted on my other blog Gofashiondeals. Read it; it is funny.

A boy and his dog.

When I was pregnant with my son, everyone was concerned about how my cat would react to him. They never suspected the dog would be aggressive. I was told "He will smell you and your hubby on the baby, so don't worry" I would nod and smile, deep down I had a fear he would be mean to my baby. My gut feeling was right.
My dog continues to show signs of aggression towards my son. He tried to get him at 3 months old and now he growls at him all the time as if he is a stranger in the house. My son will be playing on the floor minding his business and hear comes my American Eskimo runs up and starts growling. Only it isn't for play, he is serious. My son will crawl about the house and the dog will growl near his bowl. Food aggression is something he has never had an issue with before. He will then walk up to my son and start growling. If the big cat is near by he intercepts. If not I do, and he gets into trouble.
Is it jealousy? Is it just old age? Is he becoming a more aggressive dog? My grandmother suspects jealousy and has warned me that it will get worse. And I may not be able to get to my son in time next time. She said if it were her. she would get rid of him. But, I can not see getting rid of a dog for growling. I know that any shelter would put him down. I can not justify it, nor could I live with myself. So here I am on constant alert. Waiting for the inevitable, and may be he wont do anything. I guess time will tell.
What do you think?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gta4, kids are playing this?

I had just finished watching a gruesome torture scene from Grand Theft Auto last night. I was freaking queezy.  It was harsh and both myself and hubby are just flabbergasted about a little statistic moat gamers know. Why? Because this is one of the highest grossing games and probably 70-85% of purchased games are being played by children under the age of 18. I am not talking just teens but younger children. And all I can say is why? This game is violent and although entertaining,  it should not be played by a 7 or 8 year old. I have seen kids in Target and Walmart begging their parents to buy it and guess what, it ends up in the cart. The parent never even looks at the case, doesn't even read what the rating is, and does not even Google the game. And these are the same people that say video games are ruining our children. No, it is the parents responsibility to know what their kid is playing. I am a gamer, I grew up in a gaming family. I am married to a gamer. We both know what games are OK and which aren't.  If we don't, we use this thing called Google and look it up.  There are game ratings just as there are video ratings. And just like parents need to know what their kids watch, they also must know what they are playing. Who cares if they throw a tantrum? You are in the controller's seat and you call the shots. 
And while there may be some kids that could "handle" the games. It should still be warned that even the best of child and mature of child can still have nightmares from Resident Evil and Dead Space.
The other side is yes, you know your kid better than anyone else. So, if you think they can handle it that is your choice.  But as a gamer all I ask is you look into the game first before getting it for little 8 year old Timmy. The same goes for all video games. As the parent or caregiver you know best, and this holiday season make informed descisions on what games they can or can't play. Let the kids be kids. Would I let my son play it? Not on your life. Not until he is much older and almost out of high school. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cup of Coffee and a thought,baby things.

Have you ever wondered what your baby is thinking? Or what your pets are thinking? I do all the time, like when he is babbling at me. And I am talking at him, I wonder what is going on in there. What is going on in that adorable little head of yours?
Today, I am suffering from severe writer's block. Yay, I don't like it. It is terrible and I feel like I should be writing something meaningful. I also feel like I should be doing something, I am really antsy today. And on top of all of that I have been up since 2 AM. 2 Am wake up times are no good for mama bear. It is no good for anyone. But, I feel like sitting here on the couch writing this is making me feel more lazy. I don't know why, I cleaned the kitchen, cut up another chicken,and started cleaning the bathrooms. But still, I feel like I should be out of the house. It is a gorgeous day out here and I hate feeling couped up. It has not been this bad of a feeling for a while. What is my deal today? 
I also have a child refusing to nap and he got a hold of the presents I wrapped last night somehow. Well, he has the unwrapping concept down. I wonder what he was thinking then.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Sweet Red with a side order of dinosaur. Grrrawr.

I have started wrapping my boy's gifts and am really excited about his first Christmas.  I know, I know; it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. That's next Thursday.  But, I like wrapping what presents I get early. It gives me time to focus on other stuff.
I may be wrapping early but, I haven't decorated yet. That can wait. So, I popped open a Sutter Home sweet red wine and got to work. I am busy being Santa.
Then it hit me, 3-4 hours of sleep and red wine is like drinking Nyquil. I have realized I am exhausted.  And this wine is making me sleepy.
What to do? Keep wrapping!   When do you wrap presents?  What is "TOO"early for Christmas decor, wrapping,  and music? Do you feel there is not much separation of holidays? While I may kind of feel that decorating now is early, I salute those who do. I have to admit I have been listening to Christmas music since August. 
oh yeah!! MMMMM.
How else can you wrap a dino? 

A glass of wine and some wrapping paper.

I have found my zen. Wrapping Christmas presents is my way of relaxing this time of year. Whenever I wrap a present I can not wait to wrap the thing. Call me crazy, but there is something just so calming to me about wrapping a gift. I just love it. Just love it. I can not count the number of people who hate wrapping. Me, I am obsessed with it.
As far as Christmas shopping, I almost have my baby done. I went with my mother today and bought him some great stuff. I love buying things for that little boy. This year we have a tight budget and I would rather him get things than myself. That baby is all the gift I need. I don't need anything else. Christmas morning all I want is my son, hubby, a cup of coffee, the lights on the tree, and music. Then the fun of watching my son play with every box he unwraps. Thank god he is at the age where his toys are CHEAP and tons of FUN!
I want to get my hubby something, and I found exactly what he needs a wireless Xbox 360 headset. And I can not wait to give it to him. I found it on eBay, and when it comes in I will wrap it. I just hope he doesn't read this. He rarely reads my blogs. But, the headset is within budget. He will hopefully like it.
So, tonight once little man goes to bed, I am going to sneak into the bedroom and wrap his gifts. I try to get this stuff done early.
One more thing I have to share! I went grocery shopping and only spent $120!!! I got a lot of baby stuff and food, snacks,etc. I saved $60.50! I got to continue to save and hopefully my next bill will be smaller!
Now off to butcher the whole chickens I bought.....yum.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Living with da wayz.

I am trying to work and then this. Yes this happens a lot. Me time she says.
Silly girl. She is not a very good employee.
Trying work with this employee is not great.
is she walking out on me?
then this happened
loves her job!
The the vice president of sales woke up. he is inspecting the product.

Needless to say I didn't get anything else done. with these two helpers, who could?! I did get some great laughs. As well as lots of "NO's". #livingwithcats 

Oh three AM wake up time and two pots of coffee later.......

Hello all,
I am writing a very tired blog today. I have been up since 3 Am, thought those days were over when little man started sleeping all night. Nope. I was in denial. He was up and that meant I needed to be up too. He was up and down all night so, I figured a bottle and he would go back to sleep. By 3:30 he was done and was snoozing away. I put little man back to bed and staggered my way back to mine. 1 hour later he was back up. And now he is back to sleep again. Poor little guy, I wish he would let me look and see if there is a new tooth in that mouth, but alas he wont let me. Oh the joys and happiness that is teething. It is tough being little and it is tough being the mama.
So, what did I do this time after getting him to sleep? Work on Chippey's Shoppe, my eBay store and watch "Extreme Christmas Trees" on Netflix. I had my Christmas cup full of coffee and was watching away. Then I figured I have the time and aloneness to list some stuff. So, here I am blogging away and going to list some things to my store. #joysofebay. I am also listening to Bing Crosby on Pandora. #dontjudge
Then it dawned on me, I have no clue where the rest of my holiday mugs are. Or where all my lights are for that matter. I love moving, because it is a treasure hunt to find things 8 months later when you are settled in. Ugh, so that means next week I am going to have to go into the attic and get them. If they are there. I like being prepared. I plan on starting a page of Christmas house decor. There are some homes around here in Fl ready for it. That or I may do Crazy Christmas trees. I am not sure what or how I will do it. But it will be cools.This is something I have been wanting to do since I started blogging and never did. So this year! If you have any you want posted let me know. #crazyforchristmas

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Today, is not a bad day. My little man is cutting another tooth or two. I swear he cut a tooth last night but the little booger wont let me check his mouth. And today he is not wanting to eat. Great. I also had to call his doctor over his eczema issues. His eczema hasn't gone away, and he is itching himself to bleeding. I think it is one of the reason's why he gets so crabby. I mean wouldn't you? It makes me hurt for him, poor baby. He had allergy testing and he isn't allergic to any foods. I have also tried so many home remedies that I am exhausted. I keep him moisturized and still it comes right back in an hour. So, right now I am waiting for his doctor to call me back. YAY. He also tried to walk again. Did he make it? No. He face planted on the floor. He didn't cry, instead he growled at the floor. The lad also has an obsession with the Xbox 360. He wants to touch it so bad. And you can never tell if he is going for the Xbox or just standing. Usually he is going after the Xbox. So, he is now learning what NO is. It is a fun thing trying to teach a little 8 month old what NO is. He is worse about it when daddy is home. He typically leaves the Xbox alone after I tell him no sir. When dad is home, HA. He is testing daddy. And somehow mommy is the one that looses.
My store is doing good, and I listed a Pink Coach Signature bag, something I was battling doing. Why? It was the first Coach bag I ever got and my hubby gave it to me. But, he gave me a new one after my son was born. So, I feel I can let it go and someone else can love it just as much as I did and do.
The thing about eBay is that you have to keep track of quite a bit. What is selling and what isn't. Also, how to market your items so people will see them.The one thing that iritates me most is people not paying and then after you message them., they never respond.But, eventually I get to relist the item. I know eBay has helped a lot of mom's earn something while being at home with the little ones,even if it is just enough for getting their nails done. Some ladies have turned it into a million dollar enterprise. I know I may never get there but, as I have said in other posts I am going to try, eventually my hard work will pay off, right? Right? Oh, I hope so!

A cup of coffee and a thought, cranberry sauce.

We all have cranberry sauce or sometimes chutney at Thanksgiving  Do you prefer homemade cranberry sauce or from a can? Do you like the jelly or the chunky sauce from the can?
I prefer homemade. I booze it up a bit with some wine. Most of the alcohol cooks out but leaves the flavor. If out of a can I like the jelly.

My cranberry sauce:
1 bag of fresh cranberries
1 cup of  sugar
1/2 cup of Reisling wine
 1/2 tsp orange zest

Bring cranberries, wine, sugar, and zest to a boil. then reduce heat to a simmer. You will hear cranberries pop as they cook. The liquid will reduce by half after 15-20 minutes. Can be frozen. Is Amazing on vanilla ice cream.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A cup of coffee and a thought, where has time gone?

Wow, can any of you believe that Thanksgiving is here next week. Then after that is Christmas and New Years. Where did the year go? It feels like just yesterday was the 4th of July. But no it was Halloween not that long ago. I find it interesting that as adults there are not enough hours in a day, but as kids the days drug on and on. Time entered a no passing zone. It seemed to take forever for Christmas to get here. I mean FOREVER. I would open each piece on the Advent calendar waiting and it just seemed to slowly creep up. Then Christmas eve and then no sleep.
People around here are already decking the halls. There are lights on their houses and I am sure stocking hung by their chimneys with care. I miss having a fire place, for that reason. I'll just tell my little boy when he is older that Santa has his own house key.
I have had many people ask me if we are going to do Elf on a Shelf when baby bear is older. I am not sure. It seems so complicated to me, and we never had it growing up. It would seem to be a lot of fun to do and there are plenty of ideas on Pinterest for it. How many of you do Elf on a Shelf? How do your kids react to each night of silliness? And parents, do you do it every day or is it just closer to Christmas?

When I was little the thing was Saint Nick's day. We celebrated that along with Christmas. Our stockings would have candies and a cheap toy in them. It was exciting and every time I would argue that I needed the day off for the holiday. Mom would just laugh at me. Hey, it was worth a shot right? Only if it were a snow day would that happen. Down here in Fl, we don't have that. So, little man wont be able to get it.  Not too many people know what I am talking about when I refer to Saint Nick's day here in Fl. I guess it is a mid-western thing.

Well, Thanksgiving will be here NEXT WEEK. BE sure to check out my coupon page for some Turkey day savings. It has helped me a bunch. I got diapers and formula for my boy for 22. That was for a big container and a pack of diapers. There are some great food coupons in there! I can not wait to get decorated for Christmas. Next week is decorate time!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Home made pie, from scratch.

I made my first pie crust and home made pumpkin pie. I have made pumpkin pies numorous times, but this time I decided to make my own pie crust. And wow how easy! If I knew it was that easy I would have done it sooner. And it is Yummy!I think I am getting a hang of being a home maker. My recipe? Well here it is.


one day it will look prettier. not bad for my first time!

Butter Pie crust:

2/3 cup of butter COLD. I used salted butter so I could cut down on salt.
2 cups of flour
4-5 table spoons of ICE water

In a mixing bowl combine butter and flour with a fork or dough blade. I used a potato masher. And it worked. Add the spoons of water 1 tablespoon at a time. Work the dough into a round. Place in a freezer bag and store in fridge for an hour or longer. Then roll the dough out when ready on a floured surface.

Pumpkin pie from heaven.
1 can of pumpkin or 1 sweet pie pumpkin(roasted and then mashed)
1 can of sweet condensed milk
2 large eggs
1 tsp of ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp of  cloves
1/2 tsp of ginger
1/2 tsp of salt
Preheat oven to 425
In a large bowl combine pumpkin and spices with a whisk. Then add the sweetened condensed milk whisk together. In another bowl beat the two eggs then add to pumpkin mixture.
Pour into pie shells or into one REALLY deep dish pie dish.
Back in a pie dish on a cookie sheet in the 425 degree oven for 15 minutes then reduce the heat to 350. Bake for an additional 45 minutes. Let cool before serving.
This pie is amazing light and fluffy. It has a great texture thanks to the sweetened milk. So, good.
Pumpkin pie so good you will eat the whole thing!

Just funny.

There are some pictures that just make you smile. They make you mad or sad. And some pictures or Memes just make you laugh.
I  ran out of peeps!
Like this picture of Patrick Star. I can not help but laugh. HAHAHAHA.

A cup of coffee and a thought, Dealing with PPD.

I am still struggling with Post partum depression, 8 months later you would think it would be better. Well, I have mostly good days. But here lately it has been going back to how I was back in June when I finally admitted I needed help. Then my Neurologist took my off my meds for it. That was back in August. But, I am still having problems with it. 
This morning it hit me in the face, I cried so hard. Yesterday, I cried and today I cried more. I am thinking a combination of  dryer being dead, Christmas coming up, Thanksgiving stress, and my son's impetigo is trying to come back because his excema is bad. No one will let me call the Doctor for a rx. It is past home remedies. All of this going on and I broke down. 
As I sat there on my bed after looking at Facebook, something I promised I wouldn't look at. I saw my family at Seaworld and we weren't there. We couldn't, so I missed my nieces bday. Another nail in the coffin.I sat there on my bed sobbing and rocking my baby. Then I noticed, somehow the booger turned in my arms and was facing me. He nuzzeled his head on my shoulder and he squeezed me. I also got pats on my back and rubbies. Just like I do to him when he cries. My sweet little man was comforting his mama. He even started to baby sing. This just made my heart melt and I stopped crying. I held him close and he looked at me.
My boy put his hand on my face as to let me know it was OK, and then there was that smile. That smile can cure any signs of the blues.Babies are truly little miracles and nothing but pure love. 
My world

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Blog redesign.Am I finished?

I got tired of the boring layout and background on my blog. So, I figured I could just make the color different. Then, I found the background images. WHAT?! Why did I not realize this before? Ugh!

So I changed some stuff. Ok I revamped the whole blog. I fell in love with the blocks. They are for little ones, but also it symbolizes something more. They are all over the place and just like they are for building; I am building my life. It is constantly being knocked over and put back up. Just like blocks. MY life is like a bunch of alphabet blocks.I changed the fonts too and made the posts wider. To me it is what I was looking for and had been for some time. I would have done this sooner if I figured it out sooner. Just saying.
I love this blog and I find myself writing more here than anywhere else. I have more to say here, more to do here on Mama's Logue. I want this blog to succeed and grow.

So, what do you think of the new blog. Hubby and I feel it fits me, and it looks good. Comment down below and thanks for stopping by Mama's Logue.

Dusted off my Xbox controller.

I miss gaming. And I am not talking about that tap games on tablets or phones. No,real gaming. So I got out my game controller and started to play viva pinata again. Exactly how I remember it, it's been awhile since I  played. I had to make a new garden. I named it Bikini Bottom. All the characters are there,  in Trouble in Paradise, but there are new pinatas and new ruffians. One thing too is if you kill a sour it poops out a bad seed. It is a weed. Got to smash them before they plant. Right now, I am level 9. But, I just started back up yesterday.
What made me start up? I missed it. Being a mom comes first, but when baby is snoozing I can play. If I like, if not I do whatever. It feels good to play again. My Xbox is back in full use. Is it good to play games again? Well yeah, it had always been my escape. I get a lot of good thinking done,pink controller in hand. I also wait for little man to be asleep and no headset. I don't do Xbox live. So,here I am with my pink controller, ice water, and popcorn. Playing Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise while listening to the love of my life play GTA5 and my little man sleep soundly and peacefully. Life is good.

This is what I wrote last night. I got to level 12, yay!!! And now I remember why I love Viva Pinata. It is simple and fun. I do hate the fact I had to start over, but what else do I expect. My last Xbox red ringed. I can't wait to play again. It is entertaining and fun. The next game I hope to tackle is Assassin's creed.

Coffee and eBay, this is my morning. Coffee and a Thought.

Happy Sunday all. This morning I am drinking my Barnies Santa's White Christmas coffee and playing with my eBay store, Chippey's Shoppe. I am finishing up listing the Yankee candle that I found unopened. I can not burn a cookie scented candle, it makes me too hungry all the time. My boy was up at 5 AM today so I havc been up for a bit. I need more coffee. I also got to finish listing some stuff for eBay. Lemax Christmas and baby clothes. I am not sure how to go about listing a baby bath, bassinet, or car seat. I have all three needing to be sold and am worried about shipping. Other sellers list the items and car seat shipping was $75. I mean it is heavy it comes with 2 bases. Local pick up perhaps? Maybe Craig's list. Thoughts?
My store has become my job definitely and I have the cutest Vice president of sales ever! He is the happiest worker ever, even if he just gets in the way. He loves having his pic taken, so he is always in the way of pictures for listing. It is one of the reasons it takes me forever and a day to list, but I love it. Wouldn't you?
The smiles and baby babble make it the reason's I work so hard, and forgive that he is trying to eat the product. Right now he is grouching on the floor with his bottle, I guess it made him mad.
 Yesterday, I over did it, I scrubbed the floors by hand and am feeling it today. so I didn't get much eBay done. What do you think Pajama day? Do any of you feel like a lazy couch potato if you lounge in pj's for a day? I end up getting dressed anyway and cleaning. I have this new obsession, I am constantly feeling like my house isn't clean enough. I guess this came about when I first moved into my home. It was a disaster, and I am still not done cleaning from that. The renters had destroyed it. The carpet was an animal litter box, and I found hedgehog needles, different cat fuzz,dog fuzz, different bird feathers, bunny poops; these people had a zoo. The kitchen looked like it was never cleaned. The bathrooms were in the same state. SO, I obsessively clean. Wouldn't you? I told my mom and dad about all that, and they told me all the stuff they found when they renovated our house in St Louis. I am amazed by what people do.
So, yeah, instead of relaxing I will probably clean, again. Last night I was washing clothes and hanging dry because our dryer broke and my oven wont SHUT OFF! What in the world is going on?! All I know is it sucks.When it rains it pours and I feel like I have been stuck in a never ending Monsoon. Just got to stay strong and keep the faith, right? Yup.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A cup of coffee and a thought, real housewives.

Call me dorky but I love that mug.My thought today is around the Real Housewives of whatever. These wealthy women bounce around to dinners,parties,events, and it is all around a bunch of people they hate. The Real Housewives started here in the U.S.A., but after much popularity there have been spin offs in other countries. The one I just finished watching was Vancouver. All I can say is wow, there was more backstabbing there on that show than on any of their U.S.A. counter parts. OK, except Jersey. Cause Teresa is some kind of looney. But, she makes it funny to watch. Rosie, makes it hilarious! The fights on this international Version were somewhat painful to watch, there was some really viscous attacks on one person. And there was plenty of "I got your back", followed up with nothing and no help from said friend. I couldn't stop watching this Canadian train wreck, and am actually sad they didn't make a season 3. But, after reading the Youtube comments against Jodi, it is no wonder why Slice said no more. Watch the show and see why.

There was a lot of fights when there shouldn't have been, but it is no different than Miami where they fight everywhere. Can we have one set of Housewives that get along? Please!!!  The Beverly hills team made me hopeful, that at last there was a group dynamic that worked. It worked at was good. For the most part they got along in season 1, except for Kyle and Kim's fight at Taylor's birthday party. They were a breath of REAL fresh air. Even though Kyle and Camille started off bad, they made up and moved on. It was nice. Season 2 was still comradery, but there was a shift in friends. Then it just got worse, and ended up on O.C. level of fiendish behavior. Just wow, season 3 left me speechless and I felt bad for Lisa. 
All of the fighting made me realize something, can they for once act like men and not like teenage highschoolers. Look at how the men on Miami made up, they said their piece and then dropped it. Um, ladies learn from that. You are not in high school anymore.
But, the real thing is this, have any of us left that mentality? In office politics behavior like that is prominent, I have witnessed and been involved with it. Desperate to get out of it, I felt high school drama is not good for women in their 20's,30's 40's and 50's. But, it is there. "Can you believe she wore stilettos and is pregnant?"
Those were the whispers I heard, and put a stop to it. What is your thought about the housewives? Do you think the word bully gets tossed around too much on the show? Which is your fave? And whose fashion and closet would you like?
I want Lisa's closet, but LOVE Kyle's style.

Living with cats, pathetic kitties

It is 6 AM and I have yet to get my coffee. My boy is up and drinking his morning bottle,while I try to blog away. That is when my 2 cats like to strike.  No they aren't being mean. They are being pathetically sad and adorable. Why? Because they want something. This is when things get pushed to the ground for no reason. They both sit ON my key board at different intervals. Osiris tried  to get my attention by running back and forth on my coach. Well, until his fat butt fell off. Isis has been crying at me and chewing on my toes. trust me when I say they are looking for a pity party. They are now attacking the dinning room table and it is only a matter of time before those two are back in here making a ruckus. Somehow, I feel them watching me.
Cats find interesting ways to get affection.That is for sure.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Fun out and about, window shopping and fierce shoes.

Today was a great day out with my mom and boy. We got quite a bit done and looked around at all the things we wanted and didn't need. It was fun!  I love window shopping, sometimes it is nice to get out of the house It is great to just be out.

Our first stop was to get my little man a new car seat. He outgrew his car seat and needed a new one. Who knew that car seat shopping would be so hard. There we were in Target going back and forth between car seats. Category 3? Category 2? Rear facing to forward facing. Cup holders? What? We found a nice car seat by Even'flo. It was great, we also got him some Christmas gifts. That is when we went to Starbucks, I ordered a Gingerbread latte and mom got the Peppermint Mocha. We ordered then sat down. The barista let us know our drinks were ready, so mom got up to get them. That is when some woman jumped up and took my drink. She didn't even order a gingerbread latte. She ordered a caramel brule. I know this because she was right behind us when she ordered. The girls near my mother were shocked and they had to remake my drink. I was sitting there confused. I have never have seen this before. I got my drink finally and it was heaven! By the way they had Alice and Olivia Starbucks mugs;worth checking out.

We went to lunch afterwards and then had a blast at Ross and Michaels. I got a new wallet!A pink(no surprise) Jessica Simpson wallet. While we were out and about today a great thing and uplifting booster happened, my shoes were complimented a lot. I love my pink shoes from Justfab. I had on all white except a pink jacket and those shoes. White on White is still in and I decided to tone it down with the shoes and jacket. It is a look I loved! Too bad I got spaghetti sauce on them; the pants that is. Can not take me anywhere, I swear.
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True Happiness.

I am happy for a lot of things in my life. I am happy about having an amazing hubby and a adorable house that I can call MINE. I am happy for this coffee I am drinking, although I miss my Keurig. But, most of all I am happy for the happiest little boy in the world, my son. He just loves everything and all things make him smile. He, right now is playing with a sock and is excited about it. He just looks at me or my hubby and breaks out in the biggest cheesiest grin. Something we call "cheese face". He is the joy of my life, and I am truly thankful and blessed to have him. I want to just hug him all the time, and when he gives me that pure look of  "I love you mama." I melt. I truly melt into a thousand pieces, hubby giggles about that.
He is just an amazing little boy and he just keeps getting more and more amazing every day.
He is also a speed crawler, and already tries to walk. Lord help me. My boy is also a cheeky little man and knows when he is being naughty. He just looks at you and gives you a mischievous grin. I giggle at that, knowing darn well that I am encouraging it. But, when you are that cute, you get away with a lot. Little stinker. 
This Thanksgiving while we all give thanks to everything in our lives. I am thankful for this, my little man. I truly am and every day is precious with him. 

What makes you happiest? What are you truly thankful for?
Christmas is just around the corner, and I am freaking out! 
This is still a great deal to not pass up, I am getting a canvas of my little man. 
And speaking of great deals, I got 10 jars of  Beach Nut jar food for $3.00 after coupons! WHAT?! I guess I really need to get my butt in gear with couponing. What coupon tricks do you have?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A cup of coffee and a thought. gifts this year!

It is a nice cool day in FL. 
 Today I am loving my coffee and I love these cute modern cups from Ikea. Which is the greatest place on EARTH. Anyways, Christmas is around the corner and this year I am thinking instead of meaningless presents I go with a personalized gift.
Why not do canvases? I found a great Groupon deal for them! It is a great deal from Printerpix, $25.99 for a gallery styled wrapped canvas and free shipping! Why is this a great gift? Well, how about those relatives always bugging you for a picture of the baby, or the family? Send them this! Not only will a canvas be better looking than just a frame on the wall but, it will get them off your case. You can also make you own wall art! Have a picture for the living room wall and you know the print? You can bring it to life with this deal. I have gotten one from Printerpix before and was very happy!

I am always trying to figure out newer gift ideas, and I want to save money. Everyone makes it seem like Christmas has to be full of expensive gifts,because yeah Best Buy we can all afford to get our nieces iPads. Let me go to my Swiss bank account....buh. I sit here drinking my coffee amazed that there were already Christmas commercials on Youtube. IT IS NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING! If you want to show commercials that boast the coming season, do Black Friday previews. Really. It may do you better to do that.
I also have been seeing all over Facebook, the posts of I will not shop on Tday because if I do someone wont be with their families. Well, there are doctors,nurses,police,firemen,emts,and millitary that do not get to spend time with their families. Yet we do not act outraged for them. I agree, I wont be shopping, not because I do not think it is fair but because I just don't want to. Now that being said, what about Christmas Eve. Is it the same principle? I just feel conflicted about those posts. What are your thoughts? Comment below.
If you want to take a look at this great deal, check out the link below:
$25.99 Gallery Canvas and free shipping

A Thanksgiving day tidbit.

Oh, Thanksgiving how we love you. For so many it is about family, friends, and being thankful. For me, it is about FOOD. Have you wondered what their Thanksgiving was like? And can you believe there were no pies then, or mashed potatoes, or even cranberry sauce. Food historians believe there was deer, some sort of poultry, and sea foods. Pumpkin may have been there but not as a pie, it would have been more of a sweet mash.  
Here is some true or false. The pilgrims had exotic spices back then to cook with.
True or false.
Have fun. If you have any Thanksgiving trivia post in the comments! Lets have fun.
When was the first Macy's Thanksgiving day parade?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WAHM,SAHM, making money at home.

I was looking around WAHM today, which is a great site for ladies who are SAHM or WAHMs trying to find work or work at home. I was there looking for something that I could do, while taking care of my baby. He is a full time job after all, but I was hoping there was something I could do while he was around. I did the whole customer service thing with Express Scripts. It was a WAHM job, but the job itself was so stressful it made my heart condition worse. I was home but my baby could not be. Hard to deal with. But, here I am and looking to see what was out there.There are a lot, and I mean A LOT of scams.Now,WAHM does state that while they filter most of them out; they can not do it all. I can totally understand that. There are some links that take you to those GET RICH NOW and GET PAID DAILY garbage. Which some can be real, but others are just that, a scam. Tread carefully.Trust that gut feeling and know that sometimes the BBB is WRONG.There is also a great community on Babycenter for WAHMS. Research everything, and join the forum. It does help. I love the eBay forum. I haven't posted much their because for whatever reason I always forget my login info. Go ME!  And by the way there are some good survey sites, if you wanted to do that. Instead of cash they do gift cards, it is free to join. is it and while sometimes it takes a while to get anything in your gift card bank it is fun to do. I do mostly baby related surveys but they are fun!
Now, I love being a SAHM, but who wouldn't want a little extra spending money? Especially for the holidays. I do have my eBay shop; Chippey's Shoppe. Which is doing OK, and I am so proud of myself for actually getting it started. Feels good to be my own boss. I want to continue to do well and keep my store going.  It is something that I feel will help me out in the long run, just like my blogs. My blogs and eBay store will not fire me, or lay me off. Unless I lay myself off for being tardy to my own business and that would just be silly. For an eBay store, start with some stuff around your house. Then move up to more direct shipping stuff. OR you could go that handmade way, but research that first too and check out Etsy. Try different things out, and see what works best. Remember to market well and you can do fine. IT TAKES TIME! Egypt didn't build the pyramids in a day(took almost 30years), your eBay store will not be an over night success. Things take time to sell, and I have had to relist some stuff over and over again. It was a slow season,kinda.
Then there is the thing they always talk about on sites like WAHM and other blogging sites for SAHM or bloggers wanting to earn. Affiliate Marketing. I am not an expert of SEO or AM but, I do get the basic concepts of it. It also helps that hubby is an expert, however, he has me learn a lot on my own. THANKS.
There are some good AM sites. Look in to those as well. I am not going to go into AM or SEO, because I feel I have too much to learn myself. So, there is a forum post in WAHM for affiliate marketing. The ladies and gents there are super helpful.

A cup of coffee and a thought.

I love my coffee, it is nice and cool this morning and so the windows are open and I am loving it. It feels like fall,finally.  My cup you may have noticed has a snowman on it. Well, yeah. This is my holly jolly cup. I drink it to feel more jolly, I'm sorry drink out of it. What is on my mind? I tell ya it is about the weather.
I just cool mornings and days like this. When it is usually hot beyond belief here the cool breezes and crisp air just makes me want to be outside and in the middle of it. This kind of thing is short lived and I am sure in a week it will be gone. Back to mid 80s and my cat ran into the glass door.....oie. Weather like this makes me want apple cider and pumpkin pie. The leaves do not change here and I would love to see it. Makes me miss the changing of the seasons, still. I can not wait for Thanksgiving and all the food, I am an eater. Mashed potatoes get in my belly!!!!
Don't judge the holly jolly mug. I needed it! :P

Living with cats; the silliness goes on.

My cat would not stop staring me down.

Ever had this happen to you? You're sitting at your desk and then this.....
A cat wants, I mean really wants attention. They will sit on you or the computer. I have had the mouse attacked and cat in the monitor screen. They love being in the way.  God help you if you get up, your chair is now their's.
  What does your cat do?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cup of coffee and a thought

This is my experiment, each day even after NaBloPoMo November on Blogher, I shall continue to blog everyday. But with a coffee and whatever comes to mind. I am hoping this will help me blog better and be a better writer. If anything else it will be entertaining.

Today I was up at 4 Am. Why? Well, that is when my baby decided it was time to get up. Not because he fell asleep at 8 Pm, as his daddy will surely say. But because he was wet, hungry, and just one fuss pot. He didn't nap yesterday, so going to bed at 8 Pm made sense. At the time it made sense. So, so far he only has the two teeth. Right now, and he doesn't like juice. I even tried watering it down. Nope he hates it, I am trying to find pear juice and thought I may have seen some, but I can not remember where. Great. 
A bunch of stuff has been on my mind. Like where am I going to put the Christmas tree this year, and will he get into it. We all know the answer to the second question. There is no doubt that my boy will be IN the tree. I also think he will be walking by then, at 9 months. He keeps trying to stand on his own from crawling and he tries to walk when he pulls up. As for where I plan on putting my tree, I have no idea. I am lost on that. And really why am I thinking about that. Thanksgiving has not even come by. 

In my cup today is New England coffee and Coffee Mate Thin Mints. The Creamer is good, but the coffee is bleh. It is a medium roast and just tastes like coffee flavored water if you do not double up on the scoops. So, for this size pot, you will do 4 tablespoons instead of 3 and even that is not enough. I am not a STRONG coffee lover but I do like flavor. This is right up there with the Green Mountain Kcups. Not very good. Also, to cut down bitterness in coffee ad a pinch of salt.It helps!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Haha!! Finally!

I did it my hair is up in a messy bun! It's kind of cute right? I worked hard on tjis. You wouldn't think this would be a thing but it was. I guess I scared my hair into submissions.  Yay! What do you think?

Why I fail at a top knot.

I love the look of top knots. I think they are polished and so ballet. It doesn't matter if it is a chignon on the back of the head or a knot on the top, they are graceful and great for mommies with grabby hands. That is what I call my baby, his grabby hands is how I ended up with a weird ornament and toothbrush holder. Both I went back into the store to pay for. Anyways, I am not sure how to do a top knot. I try so hard. I look at Pinterest and fall in love with the styles. Trying it myself is a nightmare. I twist and turn my hair, grab the pins, and when I finally get my hair up, it falls back down. My teenage nieces can do it,it is crazy. I had to do something about this. A shortcut maybe?
I found on Pinterest  a way to do a bun with a sock. So, I tried it. Attention: use an old sock....and preferably not your spouses. Did it work? Well, a half an hour later and one torn up sock, NO. What next?
At H&M I found a bun maker thing. It is a plastic mesh doughnut, meant for wrapping your hair around. I tried that too, and nope.That was a dismal attempt followed by a frustrated me and wasted money. AM I doomed to not have that style? I want it so bad.  I really want to do it for the holidays but my hair is keeping me from doing so. That and maybe I am just not meant to have it, unless someone else does it for me.

I am not sure the thing I am doing wrong. I think I just have the wrong hair, or not long enough hair. I am not sure if there is a woman around that isn't mad at her hair, at least at one point or another. I guess it is my turn!
So, listen up hair! Yes, listen good! I am MAD at you! Mad mad mad mad! Hair, why wont you behave for me? I found a wiki on how to do this, so behave you!

Sunday the lazy day and Monday the full of regret day.

Yesterday, was a great day. Although I got nothing done around the house. Really I didn't and have realized that my dryer is getting worse.  I have to dry it 3 to 4 times to get things dry,which is horrible for clothes. I hate this, and right now I can not afford to get a new one. I may have to start drying laundry or doing my laundry at my mother and father's house again. Joy. Why do things have to be so darn expensive? I did get my walk/jog in and hubby went with me! The boy wasn't too happy yesterday and gave himself a nice black eye. He tried to pull up on something and didn't judge distance well. 

Poor little guy. He also did not want to nap. So last night's bed time was not an epic battle but rather a quick and painless adventure. He went right to bed. THANK GOD! We needed an easy night and we got it!

Today he didn't fight me over breakfast and has been on heck of a happy boy! We are watching Peppa Pig, again! I wouldn't have it any other way. What do I plan on doing today? Vaccuming and cleaning. Basically everything I meant to do yesterday. JOY!
As I started to clean things I started thinking about black Friday and if the Samsung tablets or iPads will be on sale. Why? BECAUSE I HATE MY ASUS! It is the most god aweful piece of baby poop ever! It is glitchy and buggy. It freezes when something updates and is slower than molasses in winter. I had to turn auto-updates off because it is horrible. When I contacted Asus, they said at YOUR cost send in YOUR machine and we will look at it. But, do not send in the box and they couldn't even register the serial number. 
I got this amazing tablet(sarcasm) from Best Buy and really after having it for 2 months it decided to take a dump. I didn't take it back because someone told me that Best Buy wouldn't take it back.Someone who shall be nameless is wrong, they would have. ARGH! I found that out after I bought Ghosts. YAY and 1 year too late. All I can say is never again! Not only do their laptops die after 2 years their tablets only last 3 months I guess. At least Apple has a genius bar to take the thing too and Microsoft will send a box for you to ship the thing to them. Oh and Asus tech support is never around! I am going to look at the Black Friday deals and see if it is worth it to venture out and get one. I hate going out on black Friday, I either get injured by other evil shoppers or thrown out of a car. It seems to bring out the worst in people around here. I end up being abused. I got cussed out by a little old lady because I was "in her way", this was when she hit me with her cart at Target and I got a sprained ankle. WOW.  That is one of the reasons I stay home an decorate for Christmas. It is safer, my roof is safer. My Christmas tree is safer and in no way will Bing Crosby jump out of my radio and strangle me over an ELMO doll. 
Only 43 days and 13 hours until Christmas. Get ready people. Rant over.

A cup of coffee and a thought

I am drinking my coffee while little man is watching Peppa pig while rolling around the floor. I enjoy these moments, he is just peaceful. Usually when I am drinking my coffee lots of random thoughts spring up. Like why would Grandpa Joe on Willy Wonka get out of bed for chocolate but not because his family was really in bad shape?
Really, when a loaf of bread looks like a banquet get out of bed! He gets out of bed for a silly golden ticket, so does that mean he could have been helping that poor boy's mother this whole time?! I am sure. If I was Charlie's mom I would have been livid. Some rules would have been thrown down. Ok, old man, after the factory tour, you are looking for a job! No more cabbage water!
Wouldn't you be angry? None of them seemed to be upset. In the newer version grandpa actually got a job to help out. That was the only good thing about that flop of a movie! Sorry, but the old version of Willy Wonka was better and no one can replace Gene Wilder. That is just how it is.

Today in my cup is a batch of Barnie's Santa's White Christmas coffee. This blend is so insane and good! It is like eating a Christmas cookie, only it is coffee. Smooth and full flavored, if you like flavored coffee this is the stuff to get! Available online, in some Wal-Marts, and if in the south Publix.
SO, good. I got the cup at a Ross. Any guesses why?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

My life with cats; the diet day 4.

I actually am not on the diet. My cats are. These fat little kitties are nothing but rollie pollie fur balls walking around. My older cat hides his chunkiness well, the little one looks like a sausage with legs. I decided to put them on the diet when I started to see that. Their energy was going down and  they just were getting really lazy. House cats or not they are lazy and didn't even want to play.
It was time to change something. I made a change to their food and too the way they eat. I started them on the protein diet that cats go on when they are too "fluffy". So, far Isis is doing well with it. Osiris is not. He is acting like he is dying, but cats are not meant to be grazers and that is what he is trying to be. Sorry big boy, you are on a diet. And may I add he is more energetic in just the few days he has been on it.
Both my pets are fixed  so I got them food specifically for spayed and neutered pets. It is by Purina and they took to the food pretty well. I also stopped giving treats, yup I was a treat giver. Until they loose just a pound or two I am not giving treats. Even then I may not give them any. It is a lot of work getting these two into shape, treats may ruin it.
Hey, if I am trying to get to my best physically don't you kitties think you should be ship shape? YES!
You will be greatful and thank me for this. So, onward and upward with this kitty diet. I want my cats to be fit and healthy, not potatoes. Especially after watching "My cat from hell" I figured they needed the help.

Don't complain cats, you know you need it.

Ahem, see? Yeah, I meme'd you girl. That's funny right there I don't care who you are, that's funny.
Next thing will be implementing cat towers and scratchers, but will hubby go for it? It is for THEIR benefit.
Side note, Coffee Mate has Thin Mint creamer. GET IT! Sorry that was random but I am seriously in heaven with that stuff.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

MY stance on CIO (crying it out)

Last night when I was getting little man aka baby bear ready for bed, things were going great. I was getting him relaxed for bed. You know the routine; brush his two teethies, change him into night night gear, and give him his bottle. We usually watch a children's movie, during Halloween time it was Charlie Brown Halloween. Last night we watched the original movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory" with Gene Wilder.It was great to watch and soon he was sleeping soundly. Normally transitioning him into his bed is not a problem. But, here lately it has been a nightmare. This is partly due to his separation anxiety and his teething. Put all of that with his getting a shot and you get fun times.

He was sleeping until he hit the mattress in his crib then it was scream city. It became a Roman collusium battle, he was the lion and I was the gladiator. I was loosing. He wanted me to stand with him, I didn't want to stand with him. I would try to get him to calm down in my arms and he would force himself into a pretzel. I would tell him, "OK,I am putting you down. You are being mean to mommy and pulling my hair and I do not want to drop my little man." I would gently place his screaming and wiggly body into his crib. This would make it worse. I tried to let him self soothe and left the room.

I went into my bedroom and heard the screaming. It was loud and horrible and I felt like a horrible mom. I felt like I was being short with him but I wasn't. I just didn't know what to do. I was lost. He was throwing a temper tantrum that would put toddlers to shame. Or so I thought. I thought maybe he wants the rest of his bottle after all, this was something he kept refusing in his room during the epic battle. I couldn't do it, I couldn't just let him cry it out. I felt wrong about it. And after an hour of this battle going on, I had to do something.
I went into the baby's nursery where he was screaming and not knowing what to do. I picked my baby up and held him close. He was trying to breath at this point and he still has issues with breathing now and then since his birth. This is something the pediatrician said will continue to get better, and it has.I took him back into our bedroom, turned Willy Wonka back on and finally he took his bottle. The tears were still running down baby bear's face. But a smile broke out and a relaxed breath after. He was happy and falling back asleep, only this time it was a sleep that lasted all night. He was able to be put in his crib, and he slept all night.
I am not sure if I am cut out for CIO, right now I do not feel it is good. For either of us, right now it isn't for me. Some women would say I am enabling the behavior, but I know plenty of  mamas that do not CIO and their children are happy and healthy. I do not think it is healthy to let a baby scream like that. At least for me and for him. It breaks my heart and it hurts him. Crying a bit before sleep is one thing but this, is another. I do not discredit those who do CIO, if you do and it works that is awesome.
I do not feel I am CIO mom, I can not do it. Or at least can not for right now.

What are your thoughts on CIO(crying it out)?How long do you let them cry or scream? Do you only do CIO for naps and not bedtime?  I can understand why so many moms do it, and I can totally understand those who don't.

Friday, November 8, 2013

King Tut and his death reviewed...again.

This past week we have gone through a lot in the science community. Although I do not have a degree, I feel like if I had finished school it would be in Anthropological studies. There was a discovery of a new human body part, before that the Western Black Rhino declared extinct, and before that scientists in the UK think they know what happened to king Tutankhamen. This is something I posted about already on Gofashiondeals. But, I just had to look into what we already knew. We also had to ask the question, Why?
Well, his death compells us to look. It is the mystery and the romance of discovery. However, this is a hard thing to prove.
 What are they trying to prove? That he died in a chariot race. Using the latest computer tech, these scientists used what is used in recreating car crashes and concluded that his death was the result of the chariot race. His injuries were consistent with those of a car crash victim. His heart was not found and he is the only Pharaoh to be buried without one. Why? It may have been crushed and too badly damaged. This would have been devestating to Ancient Egyptians, as they felt you did most of your thinking from the heart. Which is one of the reasons they discarded the brain. Tutankhamen's was too badly damaged and thus they tossed it.
Ever hear of fried Pharaoh? No? Well, they also believed his body was badly burnt. It does look it and one could wonder if it was done during embalming. I mean his dad was a heretic and the Egyptians went to great lengths to get rid of any mention of Armana and Ankenaten. Look what they did to Queen Hatsheput? She was a great queen, but they had to restore order and she was stricken from the records. But, Tut's issue was not being burned by priests or anything. They believe it was the heat and the embalming fluids and oils. Think about this. Imagine putting something in a 400 degree oven covered in oils and stuff. What would happen? It would cook. And yes people, that may have happened here. And that is one of the reasons his body may have been stuck to the bottom of his coffin. This was why Carter hacked his body up to get it out and look at the jewels on him. Sad,but true.

I find this stuff amazing and I say keep it coming!!!! Science!!!!

Oh and if you are in NYC, King Tut's Exhibit will be back after 30 years! I wish I could see it!
If you want to read Nat Geo's Article of this click the linky below.
Mystery of King tut

Letter to my baby.

Dear baby boy,
I am so thankful to have you. This month being premature birth awareness month, I decided to write you this letter. Not that you can read it yet, and if you can WOW! It made me aware about how lucky the three of us are and were. Your daddy, you, and me are all very lucky and owe the hospital a huge bit of gratitude. Not so many get the chance. 
You were almost born at 31 weeks and would have weighed around 5 lbs. I was told before admission that if you were born ; A. a c-section and B. the next 24 hours would be critical. Either of us could have died. Scary isn't it? But after what seemed like 800 shots to my behind later, the contractions slowed down. However, they were not gone. I was in pain until your birth boyo.  I am so thankful for Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies as well as Dr Odom at Physicians Associates.
Here you are 8 months later and already trying to walk. And not a day goes by where I do not think about what could have happened. But here you are being adorable and even now being cute as a button watching Peppa Pig. You should be nom nomed on and often. I give you tons of kisses and hugs and snuggles because I love you so much little man. So very very much. 
So baby boy, I love you. I love you when you laugh. I love you when you cry. I love you when you get a hold of things you shouldn't. I love you when you crawl after me. I love that you need me all the time.I love that you are already trying to walk on your own!I love that you amaze me everyday! I love that mischievous laugh of yours, which only comes out when you try to TINKLE on everything. Let me explain this. 
My son thinks it is funny to try and pee when you change him. Not like, "Oh, I waited too long to change you and now I am being punished for being diaper slow". This is a super evil grin, then BAM, and then the laugh. It is actually the funniest thing I have heard. It almost makes me forget that he just tinkled everywhere. Let me clear here, he doesn't do it all the time. But when he does, it is funny. I only wished he would do it for something else and not THAT. Like getting the Xbox, why can't he do that while turning on the Xbox?
Which he knows how to do. I one day didn't turn on the Xbox quickly enough for his Peppa Pig and he did it himself. He then sat down and stared at me, then looked at the tv. OH NO. 
Baby boy, I hope when you get older you understand why we wouldn't let you play certain video games. We are both gamers, your dad and I. We know which games are good and which are bad for you. So, you will never pull a "fast one" on us. Sorry, but we will not have an 8 year old son on Xbox live swearing like a sailor and being a brat to the 20 somethings on there. Let me tell you, the older crowd on Xbox live get embarrassed for you. Too often I hear the adults on Xbox live wondering if the parents TRULY understand what they are playing. And many do not! They wonder if they kiss their mommy with that potty mouth and end up kicking them from their lobbies with disgust at the language,even though their language is just as bad. Video gamers, son do not like hearing small kids swearing over Xbox.  But, for right now enjoy watching Daddy get his headshots in domination.

Little baby, know that I will be there and know that I will be there no matter what. Today is day 8 in the 30 days of Thanks and I little sir am thankful for the greatest present in he world,YOU! I am thankful for you and I do not need anything for Christmas this year. Why? Because I, little man got the greatest present ever. I got you. And I am the luckiest Mama in the world.

Little man 2013