Sunday, November 10, 2013

My life with cats; the diet day 4.

I actually am not on the diet. My cats are. These fat little kitties are nothing but rollie pollie fur balls walking around. My older cat hides his chunkiness well, the little one looks like a sausage with legs. I decided to put them on the diet when I started to see that. Their energy was going down and  they just were getting really lazy. House cats or not they are lazy and didn't even want to play.
It was time to change something. I made a change to their food and too the way they eat. I started them on the protein diet that cats go on when they are too "fluffy". So, far Isis is doing well with it. Osiris is not. He is acting like he is dying, but cats are not meant to be grazers and that is what he is trying to be. Sorry big boy, you are on a diet. And may I add he is more energetic in just the few days he has been on it.
Both my pets are fixed  so I got them food specifically for spayed and neutered pets. It is by Purina and they took to the food pretty well. I also stopped giving treats, yup I was a treat giver. Until they loose just a pound or two I am not giving treats. Even then I may not give them any. It is a lot of work getting these two into shape, treats may ruin it.
Hey, if I am trying to get to my best physically don't you kitties think you should be ship shape? YES!
You will be greatful and thank me for this. So, onward and upward with this kitty diet. I want my cats to be fit and healthy, not potatoes. Especially after watching "My cat from hell" I figured they needed the help.

Don't complain cats, you know you need it.

Ahem, see? Yeah, I meme'd you girl. That's funny right there I don't care who you are, that's funny.
Next thing will be implementing cat towers and scratchers, but will hubby go for it? It is for THEIR benefit.
Side note, Coffee Mate has Thin Mint creamer. GET IT! Sorry that was random but I am seriously in heaven with that stuff.

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