Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wahm, a dream

It's 6:30am I just finished a cup of coffee while, feeding the pets, making lunches, getting a bottle ready, and fixing the diaper bag. All this to hurry up and get the little guy ready for his day at grandma's house and my day at work. All this rushing so I can spend a collective 40 mins with him before work. I should tell you it breaks my heart and I feel bad that it isn't me with him all day. I am told it gets easier and yeah while it is getting a bit easier there is that pit in my stomach and feeling of guilt.
So what to do? I am trying to find a way to be a work at home mom or WAHM. I want to be able to keep an eye little guy while still bringing in an income. While I try to find something it is also hard to tell what's a scam and what's not. I found a great site www.wahm.com that has some opportunitiesand maybe there will be something there.  I will keep looking for something.  I can have it all right?

Monday, April 29, 2013

A battle royale, the fight for sleep.

I have the most epic nights, sleepless, filled with chatter in the baby monitor. Partly my fault, the other his.This battle for a sleep schedule is driving me slowly to the brink of sleep deprived insanity.  My son slept for a few days all night, several days in a row! It was great! I got much needed sleep and so did my hubby. All was good in the house, but I was still home. I could still make his schedule and even if he was up all night it was ok. I could be with him and attempt to slept during his nap. But, I am back at work, trying to get him to bed at the times I had was not and is not easy. I can no longer just tough it out, I need some sleep. And I should be trying to keep him up but all I want is too hold him. No matter what time of day, thanks baby withdrawal.
Now, he did sleep one night all night, but I was still up. I would zombie my way into his room at the smallest peep. I would see he is asleep and go back to bed, but alas I would be back up and out of bed. That is my fault.
And here I sit baby in lap, trying to keep him up so I can get him on a schedule. Is it working? NO. He is sleeping and not wanting to be up. Truly a great fight and I am loosing it.
I typed that up last night, after a bath(which he peed in) and bottle i got him down. But it was a small victory he didn't sleep long. I'm sure it will even out but right now it is tough.

Impitgo ick

It started one day out of no where, my son's ear was full of weird crusty fun and wet ooze. I kept it clean but still it was bad. I didn't know what it was and took him to his pediatrician.  It was impetigo a nasty infection. Nasty to look at and annoying for my little guy. It is a infection common for children who are of preschool age and older. Not really common for an infant. But leave it to my boy to get it.
It started with a scratch and the infection got in and went nuts. A week of augmenton and lots of washing the ear, clothes, and anything my little guy touched.  When I thought it was gone BAM! It came back with a vengeance and in both ears.
My poor little guy was stuck in gloves for weeks and I never thought this would happen. As a new parent I felt lost, helpless,  and like the worst mama ever.  The pediatrician ordered a culture to see if it was staph which it was.  He ordered more augmenton and topical drops,it is finally gone.
Impetigo has 2 forms, small little bumps and oozy weeping funk that looks like brown sugar or Non bollous. The second is bigger welts that may not and ooz ,bollous impetigo. Sorry for the description. My boy had the first and the infection is a form of strep or staph. Both need medications and the severity will affect the treatment.  Topical or oral meds, or both. And it is INFECTIOUS, so keep other kids away from baby.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lotus bags and Elimination Communication

Lotus birth movement.

Last night I was visiting with a dear friend when out of no where and a glass of wine, we got onto the subject of the lotus. Not the flower but the movement, yup. Some how I just blurted out have you heard of it, to which I got the head nod of yes.

I came to know of it when I was browsing around on etsy for baby gear. I saw this bag called a Lotus placenta bag. It had a brief description and thus curiosity struck my at the time 4 month pregger self. So I did what anyone would do, I Googled it. A patheon of info came along and I was knee deep in reading what it was and why. There was also a heated discussion about it on babycenter's birthboards.

What it is is where the baby stays connected to the placenta and umbylical cord. The baby stays attatched until it shrivels, dries up, and falls off. It is kept in a bowl with some special stuff and you take it with baby by ways of the Lotus bag or Lotus birth bag.
It is said to be the more natural way of doing things.
My question is why? How is it to have a baby with all that still attached? Mamas who are doing the lotus or have ,please chime in!

Hipster parents and Elimination Communication.

Yes people you heard right, rather read right.It means No diapers. There is a new hipster movement going on and no it isn't from the teens. It is from hipster parents, they basically are wanting a more green way of life, by means of no diapers. That means baby goes on him or herself or they get them to a toilet. To read more about check it out here huffingtonpost

Not sure why it such a big trend in SoHo but there you have it, me personally, I will put my little guy in a Pamper every day of the week. What are your thoughts?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Bumper guards: Mesh or padded?

We just got little guy into his crib not too long ago, and are getting his room done. One thing on my mind is the crib liner,bumper guard, padding, whatever. Should I get the mesh or go ahead with the cute plush one in a print?

Many mom's are switching to the mesh liners I know, and with good reason. As the mesh there is less likely a chance of suffication and may offer more piece of mind. But, will it really make that much difference? Is it really better and is it going to help soften the blow of a head bonk to the crib rails? The literature on the mesh liner says will reduce the chance of entanglement and suffocation, and colapses when baby climbs on it. It looks like just a netting and it isn't very appealing to the eye like traditional bumper guards.

The traditional padded bumper guards, yes this what our parents used and many moms still use. They swear by these cute decorations of functionality. And why not?! The bumpers protect baby much in the same way as mesh but are not as breathable. They are more decorative and fun. So, why, if they cause suffocation are they still around? I remember my sister using these on my nieces' cribs and they are all fine.

So, right now I am battling the which one game in my online cart at babys r us. Wondering which one I should get. Oh the choices, mamas what are your opinions?

Paint all the walls

Readers, it is another entry into the saga. How many of you ladies and gents out there have a nursery? How many of you have a theme? How did it turn out and when did you start? Well, start decorating it anyways? Normal people star in the second trimester or most do. Me,on the other hand, just got to decorating my son’s nursery 3 weeks ago. He is 1 month and 10 days old. The thing is I just got into my house 3 weeks ago, and didn’t want to waste time decorating his room in the other place only to take it all down and do over. I wanted it done right. I wanted it to be pinterest worthy, something people would repin. Yes, I am a pin addict, so? I want to be proud of that nursery and all my hard work.
The paint
unintentional gators colorso

We chose some non traditional nursery colors for little guy's room. It goes great with my Lion King Nursery stuff. It is something he can grow with. 
Lion king
The theme is cute and who doesn't love that? The blanket is so soft and I keep trying to steal it. The nursery theme gives me and excuse to use signed lithographs of the characters. We didn't want a traditional theme, but truth is I really wanted that nursery.

The room is still a work in progress, and I am waiting on my breathable bumper guards. Going with brown I think, although the orange was cute. more pictures will come.

hello all!

This is a new start for me, new baby, new house, new lease on life....etc etc.I normally am blogging away at my www.gofashiondeals.com, but when I started to write about baby and pregnancy stuff it had no place. So, I made this blog, to share my experiences, my life lessons lol, baby and kid stuff, and all other mommy related stuff. It doesn't matter if you are a FTM*, a SAHM*, BTDT MOM*, dad, or goldfish, pull up a chair,grab some coffee and join in the fun!!

*ftm-first time mom sahm-stay at home mom btdt-been there done that mom*