Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lotus bags and Elimination Communication

Lotus birth movement.

Last night I was visiting with a dear friend when out of no where and a glass of wine, we got onto the subject of the lotus. Not the flower but the movement, yup. Some how I just blurted out have you heard of it, to which I got the head nod of yes.

I came to know of it when I was browsing around on etsy for baby gear. I saw this bag called a Lotus placenta bag. It had a brief description and thus curiosity struck my at the time 4 month pregger self. So I did what anyone would do, I Googled it. A patheon of info came along and I was knee deep in reading what it was and why. There was also a heated discussion about it on babycenter's birthboards.

What it is is where the baby stays connected to the placenta and umbylical cord. The baby stays attatched until it shrivels, dries up, and falls off. It is kept in a bowl with some special stuff and you take it with baby by ways of the Lotus bag or Lotus birth bag.
It is said to be the more natural way of doing things.
My question is why? How is it to have a baby with all that still attached? Mamas who are doing the lotus or have ,please chime in!

Hipster parents and Elimination Communication.

Yes people you heard right, rather read right.It means No diapers. There is a new hipster movement going on and no it isn't from the teens. It is from hipster parents, they basically are wanting a more green way of life, by means of no diapers. That means baby goes on him or herself or they get them to a toilet. To read more about check it out here huffingtonpost

Not sure why it such a big trend in SoHo but there you have it, me personally, I will put my little guy in a Pamper every day of the week. What are your thoughts?

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