Friday, January 31, 2014

12 tell tale signs of momminess.

12. You argue with Dora, Mickey Mouse, or Jake. You have been there sitting around when kid is playing and that is on tv, they ask a question. You respond. You realize you are responding to a toddler's tv show. ..........hmmm. 
11. You "soccer mom" whom ever is in the passenger seat. Anyone who has had children has done this at one point or another. It is as if by instinct you do not think the seatbelt is enough, so your arm will do just fine. My sister soccer mommed my hubby on the way to Universal Studios in Orlando when she was forced to slam the breaks. His response " did.....did you just soccer mom me?" 
Sister: "no" 
"You did!"
"Omg, I did! Well it is because my purse is always there and I have to save my purse..."
Me: "yeeeaaaaahhh right, you soccer mommed him. Awwww. Hahahahaha" 
The car erupted with laughter at her momism. 
To soccer mom: place arm over passenger as if mom arm is another seat belt, as you prepare for some imminent danger. 

10. There is a dinosaur and diaper in your handbag.
 Yes, that was me and has been me since my little man's birth. You know you have hit mom status when you go for gum and pull out a Pamper.

9. Someone says mama and you turn.  Yup, isn't it awesome when you go somewhere and you hear "mama" from a tiny person somewhere and you turn like "what?" Even if your baby is right in front of you.

8. You haven't showered in 2 days. Yup when you have little ones or even bigger ones you sometimes forget someone very important. you. When was the last time you could shower with out someone knocking,barging in, or crying in the baby monitor for you. Even at bedtime. 

7. It takes you 10 years to pick out baby food. What? Yes, if you have a picky eater you can take a long time picking out baby food. I mean what is more compelling than the debate with your 8 month old of peaches vs pears. 

6. Your drinking cold coffee. You wake up make a baba and a cup o' joe, then never drink it because you get side tracked with other stuff.

5. You wake up to the smallest sounds in the baby monitor.  Baby sighs and omg super mom is flying and flailing into that nursery! 

4. You step on a Barbie shoe,Lego, or squeaky baby toy.  Do I really need to elaborate this one? Think pain. 

3. You have baby food on your clothes. Not by choice. This is the beginning of feeding the floor. Or perhaps you have a toddler who though it was funny. Yes dear, spaghetti belongs in mommy's pocket.

2. You haven't slept in ages. Have these bags always been there? Sleep was something you took for granted before baby. And now you miss it. 

1. All your kid has to do is smile at you with love and you melt. All it takes is that "I love you mama" smile and you are done for. It melts you at any age, and you love every minute of it. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Exercise and the Xboxone.

I have been trying to get back into shape after having my baby. Almost a year ago, and it has been a struggle to get up and go. I was walking everyday and that helped a lot, but then it started to get hard to walk outside. The constant Fl weather changes made it hard to walk with baby in tow. I tried work out videos but it was not enough. I got bored and needed a trainer like atmosphere. Then my hubby got his Xboxone. It has the newest Kinect and is very responsive. So, I tried it out with the baby being nearby. Oh my lord, what a work out! I did the Jillian Michaels hips, buns, and thighs extreme workout level 1. I worked out again today, I made it past the 4 minute mark. Which just tells you how out of shape I am. No wonder she was the main trainer for  The Biggest Looser.  She puts you through the wringer, yes, I know I only made it 10 of the 30 minutes. I feel like that was an accomplishment. I have a hear condition so sometimes I just can not do as much as others. Today, I did my work out and was determined to get better. I want an awesome body back for spring and summer. I am tired of jiggly belly. It is actually uncomfortable. I hate having a slight muffin top, and pants do not fit right. Jillian Michaels on Xbox fitness is helping me get my zing back. I hurt, but I feel every little bit I do helps, both my heart and my self esteem. Something I have been missing. 

So my thoughts on Xbox Fitness? I ABSOLUTLEY love it!!! It is worth the purchase alone. And it tracks your progress ,heart rate, and tells you if you are doing something wrong. It encourages you ,unlike the Wii Fit. Remember the Wii Fit, it would flat out tell you "You're Fat" or "You move like an 88 year old woman ."   I feel this is better and can not wait to get further in my game.  If you want a quick workout while baby is sleeping do the 10 min workout for abs. It is low impact and fun! 

Must haves Tuesday!

Today is must have Tuesday! And I thought it would be fun to put up a post about a great must have product and the great thing is it works well! What is it? Loreal eyeshadow! 
This eyeshadow is fantastic! I love how smooth it goes on. The color palate is very versatile, and if you have green eyes purple makes them POP! 
I love the pigments for it, Sultry Suductress Color Riche eye shadow by Loreal is everything I expect! And it was more!
I didn't use it as just a smokey eye, you can use it for daytime too. Just use one or two shades! 
It goes on smoothly and doesn't drop. Dropping is where eyeshadow falls as you apply it, it like to fall under the eye. The shadow blends well and it stays put! 
I bet you are wondering how much it was. 
At CVS I got it for about $1 after the $1 off coupon from the 1/19/14 paper, and I got $5 coupon from CVS for $5 off $15. The eyeshadow was $7.99. I also got foundation. The Truematch foundation. I used a $2 off coupon for that. Then at Publix they had $2 off Maybeline store coupons in the purple flier. If you combine that with a $1 off Maybeline face product you can get the Maybeline expert wear shadow for free! 

No breakfast for mommy, and a baby who won't eat.

Ever get that feeling of why me this morning? That is me today, I am just in the kind of a day. The baby is super clingy today and he refused to eat. Now, here we are he has peach all over and mommy is trying to drink cup of coffee #2 while it is hot. The last one went weird because it was cold. At this rate I will run out of k-cups. And still no breakfast in mommy's tummy.  Little man is being more of a baby bear than a baby, throwing his dish and growling at me. I try to give him his food and he locks his jaw tighter than a Pitt bull.  It is one of those days. They say peach is good for the skin, right? What about a face full of baby rice cereal? 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Enjoying my Sunday, right?

I has been a bit since I got the iPad air and now I am still getting used to it.  Is it sad my baby can use some thing better than me? He can switch screens in apps, which is something I can not do well. But little man can, go figure. I figure most baby's now have more technology than babies from years ago. True and fact. Right now on this fine Sunday(it is Sunday,isn't it?) my son is busy eating his full grean beans and chicken. He is getting tired of the jar food, I think. At 10 months I do not blame him. He is getting more teeth and those choppers want to chomp. And what better to chomp than a green bean and piece of boiled chicken? Nothing, at least for now. 
I love weekends, but I feel I get nothing done. I vacuum twice a day and can't when hubby is home. He hates the vacuum. But with the dog, I have too. And I am still trying to get the cat smell from the family before out of the carpets. Nothing so far has worked, but I haven't tried powder cleaners. That friends is next. Any advice? This has been an on going battle for almost 1 full year. 
I have gotten some shopping done. And while I was hoping I was done one glance at hubby's milk told me he needed new milk. Expired milk is no good.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Survive CVS:sneaky peak.

I have the scoop on some of the goodies for next weeks CVS add. I am going to break it down by ECR(extra care rewards)
$3 when you spend $10 in certain grocery items.
Hell mans mayonnaise 2/$6 : there are $.50 off one mayonnaise manufacturer coupons. 
Ragu 3/$5 there is manufacturer coupons from the paper for $.75/2 or a Publix sc for $1.50/2 
Lipton tea 2/$6

$4 when you spend $12 on Suave products
2/$6 suave advanced therapy or Morrocan shampoo
2/$4 suave body wash

$3 when you spend $10 on Nivia products
Nivia renewal $4
Nivia for men $6

$4 when you buy 3 select Axe products
Axe Appollo 3/$13
Axe hair product "messy hair" 2/$12

$5 when you spend $15 on select dove or Tresemme products.
Tresseme shampoo 32oz or styler 8-11oz $4 
Dove or Tresseme premium 2/$10

Spend $20 and get $5 or spend $30 and get $10 on P&g products or coke products
Tide is $5.94! For the 19-32 loads. I am stoked about this and will be stoking up! This is a fab price for Tide! And my son can use it! 
Gain 32 loads $5.94 oc for .50/1
Downy 52-60 loads $5.94
Bounce sheets 120ct $5.94
Fireworks $5.94
Pampers cruisers, baby dry, swaddlers. $8.94 another great deal! And I am sure to get plenty! Use $1.50 off coupons and each bag will cost $7.44. If you already did a transaction and got some rewards, you can use those towards the diapers or towards the tide. 
Dawn dish soap $.99 use the $.25 off coupons from the paper or online
Puffs $.99 there is a mc for $.25 off three in the paper and online
Swifter sweepers or dusters bogo 50%off 1.
Pantene 2/$7 . There are many coupons for this online and in papers. You can get oc here 
Herbal expressions or Aussie 2/$6
Headnshoulders $4.99 
Charmin ultra strong or ultra soft bonus Pack 20 $9.99 there are mc from the paper for $1/1 
Bounty 12pk $9.99 there is a coupon for $1 off from the 1/19/14 papers I believe. 
Coke 2lt $.99
Oral b cross action power toothbrush on sale $5.99
Prilosec OTC $24.99
Duracell copper top or quantum $5.99
Olay regenerist $23.99 there are plenty of high value coupons for this cream. Online and in almost every paper. They REALLY want you to try this.
Cover girl 50%off bogo. There is a $3 off Bombshell coupon from 01/12/14 I believe. If you still have the I would use them now.
Gillette fusion or proglide $9.99 sale!
Olay total effects $17.99
Clairoll nice n easy or natural instincts 2/$12 (this is not a "great" deal even with coupons you won't get the best bang for the buck , that is unless you use the $10 towards this
Tampax pearl or always infinity $6.99: always mc $1/1 and a Tampax mc $1/1 there is a oc for $1/1 off always infinity.
Secret 50%bogo oc for $.75/1
Old spice 50% bogo $1/1 coupons from the paper
Secret clinical $7.99
Dr pepper $.99
Vicks nitequill severe $6.99 $1/1 Vicks there was a pg coupon book in the paper.

One $10 rewards  per household. For this $10 deal.

$5 for spending $20 or $10 for $30 on select grocery items:

I will update this list with coupon info later. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Surviving CVS, the couponer way

You can really get some amazing deals at CVS and Walgreens, but with all the talks of rewards points or extra care rewards;it can get pretty intimidating. In fact, it can get darn right scary. But there is way to get through the confusion and score some big deals. All while maintaining your couponer composure, ie no shelf clearing and knowing the policies. I have almost shelf cleared and while at the time I was like "meh, they should have been here first" I think back to when I needed something and shelves were bare. Now, I do not do it or rather try not to. Anyways, it is important when shopping at on of these places that you really understand their rewards policies. Is the rewards on one transaction per household? Or is it per day? Or per deal? I have gotten caught up with all of that many times. Right now cvs has great deals for extra care bucks and at CVS I am very comfortable splitting up my transactions to get the most "bang" for my buck. How else could I have gotten free hair dye or $4 Tide? I scrutinize the add and yes, I buy what I need and will use. Or want, chocolate is a good example of that. Take care to dissect the deals. Let me show one way, I do it. 

I like to flip though the ads first and scope out some great deals, I circle the ones that look good. Look for the extra care coupon prompts, see the one above? $5 off any $15 cosmetic purchase, that is what I am excited about. I am going to take advantage of that with the Loreal coupons. 

The Loreal deal is spend $12 get $4 back in rewards. I am going to get $15 worth of Loreal and use some great coupons for some fabulous savings. Since foundations run $10.99 and eyeshadows are about $7.99 or less I will easily meet both requirements. So using my coupons for $3 off the eyeshadow and foundation combined with the $5 off, my out of pocket will be around $11. Then if you take away the $4 it would be like getting it for $7. Now that $4 I am going to turn around and use it towards my next purchase of bounty paper towels ,charmin ,and puffs. It will be just around $20 and after all my coupons it will be $ 3.25 with $5 back, I will then turn around and put that towards diapers. And when I get my milk I will pay $3.79 and after my Tg Lee coupon it will be $2.79 along with getting a dollar back. So my next milk will be $1.79! 

Now, you see the above scenario is me breaking up transactions. This is the best way to use your Ecb(extra care bucks). You use the first transaction's towards the second and so forth. This wil. Ensure your best way to pay less. The best way is to let people go in between your transactions. And there is even more savings when you stack manufacturer coupons with CVS coupons. I have gotten my best deals from CVS.Unlike Walgreens, CVS ECB rolls to the next, meaning you can buy more of the same thing with them. If you do it right you can become a savvy shopper at CVS and get freebies, as well as saving over all. 

What to do with irate cashiers over coupons?
There is nothing pleasant about this, and in many instances it is unavoidable. The best thing is to contact corporate over it.  But, if you are courteous,know the policy, and hand then coupons over a certain way, you may avoid it. In other words in order. Ask them how they would like you to do it? Always hand the Extra Carecard over first, then the store coupons, then the Manus, then finally the ECB. Let the cashier know up front you are doing multiples. It is courteous. 

This will be your step to being a CVS expert. Good luck, and I will post back, more CVS steals and deals, for my savvy shoppers. 

I got all of that and still got $5 back in ECR . Lots of good stuff for $30. I split up my transactions, I used coupons and got a bit of stuff. Hubby wanted candy, well he got it. One thing that made me mad was I told the cashier I was splitting up my order but if she needed to take others should. I between my transactions. The other guy did not here that and said "she can't do that, when we are THIS busy she gets one transaction!" Um hear the whole convo before speaking mr grumpy pants. So, my transactions did not get split up exactly as I wanted. I was a nervous wreck thanks to that jerk. I would have saved more and gotten more rewards. Oh well.

I missed you, kuerig and boy am I glad you're back!

I have been without my Keurig single cup system for a couple of months. It died back in August and I a, now finally able to replace it. The reservoir broke and it was unfortunately out of warranty. But, Keurig has a great policy and gave me the upgraded system for 50% off and free shipping! This is fabulous! And I am so happy! And I noticed that iPad air auto correct spelled Keurig wrong,yay.
This is a great machine and I feel like I can take all the guess work and trial and error out of making coffee. 
Welcome back my friend!

Baby it's cold outside!

The weather app on my Samsung Galaxy S3 says it is 37degrees out! but there is a windchill which brings it down to 30. I come from Missouri originally so to me I get it and understand it. But explaining windchill to a Fl born person, is like trying to explain quantum physics to a 5year old. It is cold, you must wear your hats and scarves and gloves. Not to mention a coat. Something that not too many Floridians have. I do, but then I know it does and can get chilly or Icey cold! I was supposed to go to Publix today to get the new add that starts tomorrow and share it with you all, but, I could not get up. Baby kept me up all night again, and for whatever reason with teething he just WIll not sleep. Any suggestions mamas? 
But, even if I could and little man was awake to go, I would not take him in that cold. Early hours are really bad. He would be a baby Popsicle. Poor little man is tired too. 

I am trying to focus here to write something and my focus is out the door, I need more coffee. Yeah, lots of coffee. 
He has the right idea. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Boiled chicken and green beans

No this is not my meal, but the meal of my baby boy. Tonight he ate solid solids. Chicken boiled to perfection and greenie beans cooked to the right squishiness for a sir with not many teeth. He loves it! And it makes this mama feel good! He usually gags on solids but he has surprised me with this milestone. I am so proud of him. I feel maybe I waited too long? When did you give your kids real solid food? And what was the first? 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Finally getting home stuff done!

I am finally getting some home renovation stuff done. Been here almost a year and recently replaced the faucet in the kitchen.hubby kept calling it the sink instead of faucet,lol. #silliness 
Now, I am getting rid of that ugly brown flat trim, finally! Long over do, especially since the people who rented or owned the home before let their pets pee and other all over. Bleach, and other stuff couldn't get all of the pet issued off. It was stained. So I am finally getting around to painting over the stains. I do say the white trim looks better with that bamboo type color. they also used some weird brown color in the bedroom on the trim with these bright blue walls. The bathroom in the master needs new paint too. Luckily for me I have left over colors. I still have to finish putting primer on the kitchen walls. But this is a step in the right direction. I feel good about it. I can not wait to finish up and feel good about my home, even though I love my little house, I can not wait to make it into my dream home. 

I really would love granite countertops, new carpets, a new modern chandelier over the table, track lighting in the kitchen, a neat tropical ceiling fan on the screened porch, and new countertops in the bathrooms. I also, hate my outdoor lamp over the front door. It hangs down too low. But, once I get these things done, I will have that dream home status! 

Be the life of a football party, with Hot Wingz!

I made these the other night and let me tell you it was Soooooooo worth the effort! Step aside Dominos, I have the deal here on a great and SIMPLE hot wing recipe. 
What you need:
A packet of wings
1/4 cup of salted butter. Real butter.
Tabasco green sauce, hot sauce like Louisiana hot sauce, or any hot sauce.
Garlic powder.
Canola oil for frying.
Cooling racks and a cookie sheet.
Take the wings and salt them with kosher salt. Then when the pan of oil is hot drop the wings in gently so as not to splatter yourself with oil. 
Cook the wings until they are cooked through and the skin is golden brown and crispy.
Set the wings on the newspaper lined cooling racks 
Take the baking sheet, line with newspaper and top with the racks.
Then in the microwave melt the butter. 30 seconds at a time.
Take the butter out and put 1tsp of garlic to the butter, whisk together with a fork. Then add the hot sauce. Add as much as you want, you reall need to taste it. My fave is the chipotle or green tobasco sauce types. 
Place the cooked wings in a giant bowl and add sauce, toss until coated. Serve immediately! 

This will make you the hit of any SuperBowl or any other party! I promise!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Grocery day, quite a bit.

There was a time where $180 wouldn't get you much. In fact, you probably left the store feeling like "what the heck did I get?" Doesn't seem like much. Yeah, been there and I am glad I am not there anymore. This was $180 worth of stuff that I got for less than $90. I got about 50% savings,yet I wish I had done more. I need to make a better strategy, I got to organize and pull coupons before I go and just carry the binder for unadvertised deals. It would be easier. Perhaps. My hubby last night was wondering why I was going through my coupons and it seemed like an endless battle of organizing. Well, yeah it feels like it but, I have to do it. Too often I go looking for something and can not find it. Due to some unorganization. So my butt has to get it into gear! I want 80% savings or more.  And I although my binder is organized, I need it to be more efficient. What do you do to keep organized?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

No sleep, fumes are all I got left.

I will be so happy when teething is over. When my little baby can sleep through the night, I can rest easy. Last night he was up and down all night, numbing didn't seem to help and he was wanting his mama and his bababa. It was a long night, and eventually I just brought him back to bed with my hubby and I. Little man loves to snuggle with his daddy, but he tossed and turned the remaindered of the night. I felt bad. Nothing I did helped, and no I didn't give him pain mess, and am wondering if I should have. He was miserable, and although he was not screaming in pain; he was still in pain. 
Not to mention the fact the he had the biggest boogers a baby should have in his nose. Hubby just removed them.  We are not allowed near his nose unless he is asleep. #pickybaby 
We did manage to win it and now he can breath better. 
Another thing I noticed it my little one needs 500 blankies in his bed. He has accumulated them and I clear them out of his bed. Somehow they end up back in the bed. Silly little man.
In my tired stupor I went to the grocery store and got some things and forgot more. I have to go back tomorrow. God willing I will get sleep tonight. I have my coupon list and plan on using them. Do I really need pickles? At $1.99 for 2, I might. I apologize for my silly banter, but I am running on fumes and if it wasn't for Barnie's coffee Santa's white Christmas  ice cream I would be snoring right now.  I think I will go to sleep. I was wanting to post about my homemade hot wings recipes, but I am having trouble keeping my eyes open. And my phone is dead. Not that my phone has to with anything, hahaha.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

$1.97 Revlon and $.24 bic pens.

It was deal hunting day and I found some great deals and I really wanted to share them! At Walmart there was a great deal on hair color by Revlon, it was the color silk butter cream which is the newer kind. In the paper there should have been $3.00 off the color. Normally priced at $4.42 it was after the coupons $1.42 a box! I stocked up! Yes, I am addicted to hair color. As well as deodorant buying, but when it is free, why not? I got more Mitchum deodorant for free, after the $2 off coupon! Using the price match garuntee I was able to get them to match Publix sale price of $1.99;making my deodorant FREE!  Then let us talk pens. Bic pens are only $.24 after the $1 off coupon. Get the crystal ten pack and you can get pens for $.24, this would be great for school supplies.  Then I got more maybeline mascara. It was rolled back to $4.97 and I had a Walmart coupon for $2 off Maybeline mascara. This made my mascara $2.97. I hate paying full price! 
It is truly a great deal to take advantage of. And I would have gotten 2 Windex touch ups for $1.97 if they had them in stock. Target has coupons for a $1 off one and I have a manufacturer coupon for bogo. Using 2 $1 off coupons and that coupon makes it $1.97 for both. Or $.99 each. Sadly they were out. 
I also got little man a walker. He is so far liking it, but can't figure out how to make it vroom vroom. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Couponing chic; getting started.

Thou shall not pay retail. That is what you should think while in the check out line, anywhere. Restaurants, home improvement stores, clothing stores, and especially grocery stores! If you could cut your grocery bill in half, why wouldn't you coupon? The typical excuses are these; I work, I have kids, I have no time, I am just not that committed. Ok, those are just bull. You make time. My sister has 3 kids and is doing it. She doesn't do it as an extreme couponer but as a practical shopper. She is also a working mom, so MAKE TIME. No PC?  Then go to the library. Don't get newspaper? Start. You will be greatful. And check out some great coupon sites. I have some great coupons pages here and here
The basics are to know your circulars for stores. Get to know the deals and then think about how to save. Here are some examples.
Example one.
Okay, so your store has a buy one get one free deal on say, cereal. You have 2 manufacturer coupons for say $.75 off one. Well, since you are buy two(one is free) you can combine he coupons. That is a $1.50 off the one box! So, if the box was $3.99 for something like Kelloggs Special K cereal, it would be $2.49 for both boxes or $1.25 per box,rounded up. That is a great deal!
Now, if the store allows competitor coupons you can use that as well! For instance Publix will allow competitor coupons. And say Target had a coupon for the Special K cereal for $1.00 off 2. You could use it! So then after that coupon, it would be $1.49 for both boxes!!! Why wouldn't you do it? Why wouldn't you do that? This is when knowing the store policy is helpful.

Example 2:
The store has soy milk 2for 5. This instance is different than above. You can use the 2 manufacturer coupons still. Now, say you only have a coupon for $1.50 off two. And you have a store coupon for $.75 off one. You can combine them! 2 store coupons and the one manufacturer coupons, super savings there. So $3 off $5, that is $2 for 2 soy milks. One dollar each! Makes it worth it! 

Know the policy.
This important people. The coupon policy can be the register death of many couponers. Even the seasoned couponer can fall prey to a sudden coupon change. I experienced it, and blogged about it here. I didn't realize that Publix will only allow 1 Target coupon for a like item in one transaction. If I had known I would have split my transactions up.You really need to keep up with store policies on coupons as well as price matching. My suggestion would be to keep a print out of the policy. As well as price matching policies if they offer it, like Walmart does. As well as coupon doubling, it all should be there. Keep it with you, as you may need it. This is when having a binder for coupons makes that possible and easy. You don't have to spend a lot on one, and inserts are easy to get in bulk from Amazon.

Where to get coupons?
That is easy at the same time hard. You can print out coupons from my coupon databases as well as going to the manufacturer. I will later on tell you other ways to get them. This is the basic. Some sites allow 2 coupons to be printed per PC . But, you can print 2 off every PC in the house.  You can get the paper from stores. And some stores have digital coupons as well a apps. Target, for instance has the cartwheel app, this fabulous for extra savings. 

This is a good place for me to leave off, for now. Comment down below if there is anything you want to add or ask. 

He tried to walk today.

Of all the places for little man to try to walk it had to be the bathroom . It just had to be. I was in the bathroom cleaning up really quick and putting a fresh clean towel up, when little man crawled in. He tried standing from being on his little knees, and did. But then he tried to walk. And he went splat. He didn't land on the uber soft and squishy bath mat, no. Instead, little man landed on the travertine. And as he was loosing balance he tried to grab the tub as I was diving after him to catch him. I missed, he missed, and we both missed. He started screaming and blood was running down his face, out of his little mouth. He had busted his gum, again. He hit where his new tooth was, and it was already painful from  growing out of the gum. It is a work in progress ;can't wait for the molars to come all the way through. But, blood was in his mouth and there was quite a bit of it my reaction? A slight panic and a run to hubby. Who calmed me down after I explained what happened. After a cold compress and some Tylenol, he was in a lot of pain. Wouldn't you be? So, now I have a crabby baby and he has every right to be. I know I can't keep him from hurting himself, but it seems to be happening a lot lately. Later I am going to post couponing basics. Try. Haha
#gotmyhandsfull #couponchic

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Today's deal.was it worthy?

The boy and I went to some stores with my mom and got some great deals. Why don't I feel good about some. Well here is some of what I did.
At this store, we had an issue with digital coupons not working.  So, we had to go in with the receipts and show what happened. We got refunded the money. From there I went to get FREE mitchum deodorant.  Yes, the $2 off in the paper, take it to Publix and stock up. Do me and yourself a favor. Save money! I also go paper towels by Bounty and some Jenny-o bacon bogo. With coupons it was pretty cheap.  Total I paid 10.70.  And I felt good. For more publix coupons click here.
The trio that we were went to Walmart. There were deals on Tena where you earn $2.16 of each small bag of panty liners. Great to donate and the overage helps the rest of the order. Ok. So they were out. Darn! Then the Goldbond was not the right kind. And of course they were out of the Schick razors I needed. $20 down the pooper. I go get my son's formula and get the rest of my shopping. Free birdseye veg and Del Monte veggies cheap. I love the deals and for what I got $50 isn't bad. But I know I could have done better. Oh well.
Yeah,lol. Bounty was upside down. Oh well. #momenthad

Friday, January 10, 2014

Last stop, and a change of policy.What!?

After, I went to Target I went to Publix supermarket. I wanted to take advantage of some killer steals and deals, on Venus Razors,Gilette, and Schick. As well as deals on hot dogs,pasta sauce,chips,sodas,and other items. So, I had a stack of coupons, I am talking a STACK. I got several free conditioners and shampoos for $2.99-$3.99. There was a manufacturer coupon fromTarget that could be used at Publix, everything was fine. Until I got to checkout. The policy had changed and I was not aware of it. So the store put a limit of how many competitor or rather just Target coupons you can use in a single transaction. Crap, there I am with a line a mile long behind me trying to get shampoo and condition for $2.99 for each set. Then the same happened at tooth paste time. CREST was 3 for $5. After my coupons it was $3 for 3 tubes instead of my hopeful $2. Man, all that work and my coupons couldn't be used. Oh,well. I also was thinking about this woman in Target who was telling me how poor she was, how she got social security and disability, and how she was broke. I turned to her and said, that is why I coupon. She said she couldn't afford to coupon. ...what? How? Ok, it is free to coupon if from online. And it takes work, patience, learning, and trial and error. She didn't hear me. She went on about how she couldn't afford what I could, I told her she is doing better than most people . And then I hear, I am still broke..ok. Was there a point to be made by her? I told her how to coupon, and told her it takes time. Was she trying to see what I would do? I am sorry I have been without and I know fully what it is like to have bare cupboards and pantry.  To fill shampoo and conditioners with water to use what ever was left on the bottom as shampoo. As long as little man was fed, I needed not. He was all that needed it. I know what it is like, believe me your story, is completely relatable. And while you were buying your snacks, ma'am I was trying to figure out how to keep the lights on and something in the house. I couldn't afford a dollar. And now that I can stock up, I am. And I will not have to buy Tide, Dawn,Angel Soft, Bounty,pasta, shampoo, conditioner, or toothpaste for a very very long time. Oh and cat litter too. Now I have a stock pile, and now I won't have to worry about things fora while. I can focus on meat and veggies at the stores. And that is great.
Publix, has some great bogos now.
Get crunch master crackers, they are by one get one free, and use 2 manufacturer coupons on each set. So for $1.19 a set why not? Get it! As well as digital coupon for Oscar Myer hotdogs, which is bogo free! $3.59-$2. That is $1.59 for 2,not bad!

I got a lot, for what I paid. $91.43 is what I saved! 

Major savings and deals! Target fun! Hold the litter!

Today I got that car of ours in my hot little hands and had quite the adventure with my little man. We went to the stores today and had a blast. I couponed at Target first. Their policy is one I am still getting used too. And although they accepted all my coupons I was limited to 4 of like items. I didn't save like I wanted to. I should have broken up my transaction. I thought about that after the fact. Coupon 101 that is. Ugh. Before that they didn't scan any coupons even though I said "I have coupons too". The manager had to re-ring everything and she still gave me the extra 5% off for using the Red card debit. I got 3 of the Arm and Hammer Clump and seal litter. I posted about that deal So, after that and a baby gift for a friend, Huggies Snugglers for $8.99 -$3 off coupon. And no matter what diapers make THE best gifts! I will include coupons too, every help, helps. I got toothbrushes for .49 cents each and FYI was off on the toothbrushes by .20 cents. But that it ok, I think they base it off web prices. Still that website was a big help.  I got checked out and thought I spent more than I wanted. I forgot I bough diaper genie refills for my baby boy's diaper genie. And light socket guards, the booger keeps trying to electrocute himself. 
My haul. And got more coupons! Weeeeeeee! Go savings!! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New toy,and a deal.

Last night I finally got an iPad. It is what I expected and then some. Definitely a more blogger friendly tablet. Let's face it, iPad is a tablet. I have been told that it is not, it is an iPad. It is a tablet. Let's move on. I got iPad air, and yes, I like it.  It made my day better, after dealing with my teething baby. Yesterday was a bad day for him. I wish I could make it better, nothing worse than your baby in pain. Nothing. Poor little man. 
I was up most of the night thinking. About something good and thinking about little man #mylittleluv. It was a great deal on cat litter. The new cat litter by Arm and Hammer Clump and seal. Target has it on sale and there are coupons for it. Like on the box the coupon is for $3 off now and $3 off later. When a new product is release a high value coupon is used. Nice right?  I have a store coupon for $1off. So $3.99 for a box of litter. I can get 2 boxes for the cost of one. I am going to take advantage of that. And then get a  Target debit card for an additional 5% off. Super savings, cause be realistic cat litter is expensive. 

More for Target, ok want free dental floss? I posted about this on Gofashiondeals, but will share here too. Go to to print out $1 off one oral care item. It can be used on any Up & Up brand oral care item. This coupon can be found under beauty in the coupon section. So, the dental floss is normally $.99 the coupon will make it $0.00, absolutley free! 

 These deals are fantastic! Take advantage!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Omg I am addicted to a deal!

So Publix here in Florida has a bogo on Rozoni pasta. I took serious advantage of this. For every box I bough I made a penny. Yes Publix paid me to buy the pasta. How? It is simple, really. Coupons.
I went to the website for Rozoni and printed out four $.75 coupons. You can double up cause it is a bogo. So it will be $1.50 off of one of the boxes. Each set of 2, remember it is a bogo, will be free and you get a penny to use towards your order. Now it coupons for the Rozoni 150, but they are actually good pastas. And Orlando Sentinel and Daytona News Journal have $1.00 off two boxes. Making the rest only $.49 cents. That is per set.  Not bad savings. Rozoni will only allow 2 coupons per PC or MAC. 
Ok so IAMS cat and dog food is $5. After a $2 off manufacturer coupon found here on the grocery coupons section and Publix $2 off. The publix coupon is a purchase coupon from a dollar donation. You get a tear pad of coupons worth quite a bit. The food is normally $9.99 a bag and the coupons take $4.00 off.  Still good for this premium food.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Couponed the Sunday away.

So, yesterday I couponed to death. But I feel I did a good job on what I got. For $200 worth of groceries I only paid $100. So 50% savings. I wanted more off. But when you shop with a hubby you spend more. We got ice cream with no coupons. However fellow readers if you are in FLORIDA Publix has Rozini pasta bogo and there is a coupon in the Orlando Sentinel for $1 off 2 boxes. So you are only paying $.49 for 2 boxes. That is incredible.  And Cvs if there is TgLee milk if you took advantage of the $1 rewards you can use that with a coupon in the paper for $1 and pay only $1.79. Plus you get back $1 in rewards. So, you can do it again if you want.  A big thing I am proud of was Similac soy for $1! If you are in the club you get $5 coupons in the mail. Use those on the ready to feed. And since the soy was on sale, I only paid $1 for the bottle. Which is great! My GERBER goodstart soy was only $3.47 for a box of 4 ready to feed. Now, I wanted to get Tidy cats for $5.99 but I didn't get it. I stock up because I always forget to buy cat litter. I clean the litter box everyday. So I go through a lot. But, I forgot to buy it. I also am venturing back into the world of apple products. I sold my Asus, I need something more blogger friendly.  And IPad is. So we shall see what happens. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Always in da wayz.

I love my cat. She is so sweet but she loves getting in the way of pictures. As is my other cat. Cats are just photobombing hams. It is in their biological makeup. I swear. It is so hard to list something in the store when you habe 2 cats or a baby trying climb all over you or photobomb your eBay photos. I love them but I need these pics. On the bright news I was surprised with a new Coach! Hubby got me 2 new dresses and a pretty pink bag! It was 50% off too! So proud of him! #late xmas #Coachcrazy

By the way listed some new stuff!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Shopping date and a hobbit.

Tomorrow is going to  a fun and great day! I get to go shopping at the Prime Outlets in Orlando with hubby.  I can not wait! It has been so long since I have been shopping. Well shopping where I can actually buy myself something. 
I have not bought myself anything in ages. At least not where I don't have to return it out of guilt. I need pants and clothes that fit. And a bigger diaper bag. My son's diapers take up the small one I have now leaving no room for anything else. 
Then after all of that we get to go see the Hobbit. I love the Hobbit and Lord or The Rings. So this is a wonderful late xmas gift! 
I don't plan on spending am arm and a leg for anything so saving money is key. I have already have started a stock pile so I wont have to buy shampoo, toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, or Tide detergent for a long time.  I am happy about that.  I can't wait to clip coupons for next week.  I have lots of things to buy. I need to get formula again, and since I have $3 and $2 off Gerber good start, I can get formula for $3-4 for a box of four eeady to feed soy.  That's 40-50% savings. Anyways,  I can not wait for tomorrow and will let you all know how things go. And yes I will go to Coach.

P.s. is it just me or has Chili's gotten lazy about their food?