Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No breakfast for mommy, and a baby who won't eat.

Ever get that feeling of why me this morning? That is me today, I am just in the kind of a day. The baby is super clingy today and he refused to eat. Now, here we are he has peach all over and mommy is trying to drink cup of coffee #2 while it is hot. The last one went weird because it was cold. At this rate I will run out of k-cups. And still no breakfast in mommy's tummy.  Little man is being more of a baby bear than a baby, throwing his dish and growling at me. I try to give him his food and he locks his jaw tighter than a Pitt bull.  It is one of those days. They say peach is good for the skin, right? What about a face full of baby rice cereal? 

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