Friday, January 10, 2014

Major savings and deals! Target fun! Hold the litter!

Today I got that car of ours in my hot little hands and had quite the adventure with my little man. We went to the stores today and had a blast. I couponed at Target first. Their policy is one I am still getting used too. And although they accepted all my coupons I was limited to 4 of like items. I didn't save like I wanted to. I should have broken up my transaction. I thought about that after the fact. Coupon 101 that is. Ugh. Before that they didn't scan any coupons even though I said "I have coupons too". The manager had to re-ring everything and she still gave me the extra 5% off for using the Red card debit. I got 3 of the Arm and Hammer Clump and seal litter. I posted about that deal So, after that and a baby gift for a friend, Huggies Snugglers for $8.99 -$3 off coupon. And no matter what diapers make THE best gifts! I will include coupons too, every help, helps. I got toothbrushes for .49 cents each and FYI was off on the toothbrushes by .20 cents. But that it ok, I think they base it off web prices. Still that website was a big help.  I got checked out and thought I spent more than I wanted. I forgot I bough diaper genie refills for my baby boy's diaper genie. And light socket guards, the booger keeps trying to electrocute himself. 
My haul. And got more coupons! Weeeeeeee! Go savings!! 

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