Monday, January 20, 2014

Finally getting home stuff done!

I am finally getting some home renovation stuff done. Been here almost a year and recently replaced the faucet in the kitchen.hubby kept calling it the sink instead of faucet,lol. #silliness 
Now, I am getting rid of that ugly brown flat trim, finally! Long over do, especially since the people who rented or owned the home before let their pets pee and other all over. Bleach, and other stuff couldn't get all of the pet issued off. It was stained. So I am finally getting around to painting over the stains. I do say the white trim looks better with that bamboo type color. they also used some weird brown color in the bedroom on the trim with these bright blue walls. The bathroom in the master needs new paint too. Luckily for me I have left over colors. I still have to finish putting primer on the kitchen walls. But this is a step in the right direction. I feel good about it. I can not wait to finish up and feel good about my home, even though I love my little house, I can not wait to make it into my dream home. 

I really would love granite countertops, new carpets, a new modern chandelier over the table, track lighting in the kitchen, a neat tropical ceiling fan on the screened porch, and new countertops in the bathrooms. I also, hate my outdoor lamp over the front door. It hangs down too low. But, once I get these things done, I will have that dream home status! 

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