Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Couponing chic; getting started.

Thou shall not pay retail. That is what you should think while in the check out line, anywhere. Restaurants, home improvement stores, clothing stores, and especially grocery stores! If you could cut your grocery bill in half, why wouldn't you coupon? The typical excuses are these; I work, I have kids, I have no time, I am just not that committed. Ok, those are just bull. You make time. My sister has 3 kids and is doing it. She doesn't do it as an extreme couponer but as a practical shopper. She is also a working mom, so MAKE TIME. No PC?  Then go to the library. Don't get newspaper? Start. You will be greatful. And check out some great coupon sites. I have some great coupons pages here and here
The basics are to know your circulars for stores. Get to know the deals and then think about how to save. Here are some examples.
Example one.
Okay, so your store has a buy one get one free deal on say, cereal. You have 2 manufacturer coupons for say $.75 off one. Well, since you are buy two(one is free) you can combine he coupons. That is a $1.50 off the one box! So, if the box was $3.99 for something like Kelloggs Special K cereal, it would be $2.49 for both boxes or $1.25 per box,rounded up. That is a great deal!
Now, if the store allows competitor coupons you can use that as well! For instance Publix will allow competitor coupons. And say Target had a coupon for the Special K cereal for $1.00 off 2. You could use it! So then after that coupon, it would be $1.49 for both boxes!!! Why wouldn't you do it? Why wouldn't you do that? This is when knowing the store policy is helpful.

Example 2:
The store has soy milk 2for 5. This instance is different than above. You can use the 2 manufacturer coupons still. Now, say you only have a coupon for $1.50 off two. And you have a store coupon for $.75 off one. You can combine them! 2 store coupons and the one manufacturer coupons, super savings there. So $3 off $5, that is $2 for 2 soy milks. One dollar each! Makes it worth it! 

Know the policy.
This important people. The coupon policy can be the register death of many couponers. Even the seasoned couponer can fall prey to a sudden coupon change. I experienced it, and blogged about it here. I didn't realize that Publix will only allow 1 Target coupon for a like item in one transaction. If I had known I would have split my transactions up.You really need to keep up with store policies on coupons as well as price matching. My suggestion would be to keep a print out of the policy. As well as price matching policies if they offer it, like Walmart does. As well as coupon doubling, it all should be there. Keep it with you, as you may need it. This is when having a binder for coupons makes that possible and easy. You don't have to spend a lot on one, and inserts are easy to get in bulk from Amazon.

Where to get coupons?
That is easy at the same time hard. You can print out coupons from my coupon databases as well as going to the manufacturer. I will later on tell you other ways to get them. This is the basic. Some sites allow 2 coupons to be printed per PC . But, you can print 2 off every PC in the house.  You can get the paper from stores. And some stores have digital coupons as well a apps. Target, for instance has the cartwheel app, this fabulous for extra savings. 

This is a good place for me to leave off, for now. Comment down below if there is anything you want to add or ask. 

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