Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Today I became a shelf clearer....almost.

Today I finished up my cvs shopping. I got Tide for around $1.75 a bottle. That is for the 32 load bottles that were on sale. For 5 of those, a regular Dawn, and a Panteen Shampoo; I only paid $ 17. Thanks to my Pampers shopping. By the way I did a cruisers instead of easy ups. I almost cleared the Dawn shelf. Yeah....I did. I left 1 bottle of hand renew. Along with a coupon for .25 cents off regular Dawn. So after I got my reward dollars I used them towards my Tide Purchase. I think for more savings I may sign hubby up for CVS. Why not? I want to save money and now I won't need Tide Detergents gor MONTHS!
The savings are there,  you have to be vigilant.
What I did was use 2 $3 off two Tides.  Then a $1 off one Tide. Then I used the .25 cents off mu blue Dawn soap. And a coupon for $1 off Panteen. At checkout I combined those coupons with the $10 off. Sweet stuff, am I right? #financialfreedom #couponprincess

Monday, December 30, 2013

Ooooh want Pampers for about $3.33 a bag?

I have been taking my couponing more seriously lately. The reason is money has been tight and when your grocery bill is almost half your money there is something wrong. Especially when there are coupons everywhere! You can save 60-90 % on your food and household goods! My goal is to stock up on stuff and be able to focus all the extra money towards getting out of debt. It can be done, whether you're a working mom or a SAHM; you can coupon. My sister is a working mom of 3 kids, one hubby, and 7 dogs. She has saved so much, and I am in awe at her mastery. The thing is you have to stick with it, know the policies. Always print them and keep with you. But with enough perseverance and research you can do it!! So ready for my deal I have done?
For people with CVS, get a CVS reward cards!
Diaper deal on PAMPERS.
Cvs is doing a deal on Pampers. They are on sale for $8.99. You can print here on my site coupons for $1.50 off. You may already have some of these coupons before. This will work with Swaddlers too.So buy 2 baby dry and one Easy up(use the $2 off coupon)  so at 8.99 it will be around 26.97. Next buy 4 Dawn Hand renewal dish soaps.  9oz. On sale for .99 cents and here is a link to the coupon for .50 cents off. This will be around 3.96 for that. Total order cost? $30.95. Now Since cvs is doing $10 rewards it is 30.95-10- 7 in coupons. It is just like paying $3.33 on Pampers per bag! Wow!!! Now these rewards may be for next order.  But that is ok. You saved! 

If you haven't yet, check out Couponmom, started in 2011, it has saved people and myself tons of money! My site helps as well, it helps my blog run and it helps you save! :) Also check out Hopster.com there is a $3.00 off Huggies.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Coupon Sunday. Want .68 cent Dawn dish soap?

I have been learning the ways of the couponer. It is a constant learning thing. If you ever get a chance watch extreme couponing, it has changed my outlook on coupining forever. And once you get something free or 68-98% off, you get hooked. I am striving to get my grocery bill down. And have already saved a bundle. I want a stock pile. But, it is for emergencies. I learned many couponers go into the extreme because of loss or gains. Loss of a job, money, new baby, etc. I hate that my grocery bill was half our income. So if I can get it down, we will be ok.
It is a MUST.
Some great ways to get started saving is by clicking on my grocery coupon tab, it helps my blog and you save! Second, make sure you organize. Also, print out the stores coupon policy. You will be glad you did.
Want to get dawn soap for .68 cents? Print out a dawn coupon or more from my grocery tab and go to CVS. Use your rewards card and bam. You just saved. Get ibotta app and cartwheel by Target.  Happy saving!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

It is done and over.

It is over. Christmas is gone for another year. And for once I am happy about that.  What used to be my favorite time of year has been marred with disappointing mishaps as well as chaos. Hardships seem to appear every December.  This year our AC died out, which where we live is a must have. Money was very tight, and I gave what I could. My present was my baby and while I loved it, deep down I wish I had gotten something. Even if it was a box of those Queen Anne cordial cherries. Deep down I wished for a gift. Is that wrong of me?  I got hubby a wireless headset, sold many things in my eBay store for. He was happy to get it. And I hope next year things will be better. As we get closer to 2014, I am left with a sense of insecurity.  Why? Well things suck right now. And while I am happy with things in my life I am also unhappy too. I take the blame. 
Tonight we are going on a much needed "date night" with little man in tow. Hopefully we will have fun. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sugar and spice and everything nice window cookies

I love these cookies so much. 
I love Christmas cookies and this year I am more into making them than anything. And in one of my Christmas books I found this gem of a cookie recipe. These sigar and spice cookies just scream Christmas!  Sweet and full of those warming Christmas spices, these cookies shall fill your heart. These cookies are rolled cookies and like a sugar cookie can be cut into shapes. Mmmm so good. And they are soft!  So if you are tired of the same old sugar cookies then try this. I promise you won't be disappointed.
1 3/4 cups of flour
1 stick of softened butter
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 egg
1 cup packed Brown sugar 
1tsp baking powder 
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
A pink of cloves
1/2 cup or raspberry preserves warmed in microwave for 30 second. 
Powder Sugar for dusting.
Preheat oven to 375 degrees and in a bowl, cream the butter and sugar. When a smooth consistency add the egg and vanilla. Mix until creamy. Then in a separate bowl sift the dry ingredients together. If you do not have a sifter or a fine strainer just use a wire whisk to mix the dry stuff. Then add a bit at a time, the wet mix to the dry. Until all in the bowl. If it is hard mixing with a spoon mix with hands the rest of the way. Then form a round disk and store in fridge for 1hr up to 3 days. Roll out dough and cut your favorite shapes. I used two hearts. You want to use the big size cutter then a size or two smaller of the same cutter shape. It is so you get a beautiful window effect.
Bake cookies on a parchment lined cookie sheet for 10 mins or until golden brown. Then cool on cookie sheets. Once cool, take the raspberry preserves and heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. With a spoon spoon a bit on each full size cookie. Top with the cut out top. Then dust with powder sugar. DONE. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Extreme couponing.

I was watching extreme couponing on Netflix and you know what, I want to save money like them. I want to be able to buy 1000 worth of groceries and only pay $30. I want to be able to do that. I wish I could. And I am getting better. Today I saved $70 on groceries. My bill was under $200, but I want it lower. And I plan on doing it. Just how I do not know, but I will do it. I learned that certain coupons can be used on items that I was not aware of. For instance, Gerber had a coupon for 3 dollars off formula. My silly butt thought it was only for powder formula. I use the premixed liquids. So, I had been paying full price for a long time! Not cool. I did get free cake today. I had a buy a pie mix and get a free cake, and then the store was doing a buy one get one free on the cake! I got 2 free cakes! YUM! I also got free cookies. I have been bitten by the couponing bug. Sunday, after I get the paper I shall do the rest of my shopping and I plan on spending as little as possible. Can I do it?! Maybe, hopefully. I need to. I really do.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Buddy the Christmas duck!

If you have a dollar, you can do the hide the duck game. Who says you have to have an elf? We have a Christmas duck we bought at Michael's and this has been the best purchase so far this season. Where is Buddy today? Take a look.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Find the duck!

At our house we don't have an elf. Well, we do it is Buddy the duck. He is a rubber duckie (little man loves rubbet ducks) in an elf costume.  So I got the idea that I would hide Buddy in plain sight for little man to find. Each morning he is somewhere different.  But, little man finds him. Today he was by the TV.

I read a book!

84% through Bah, Humbug! (A Christmas Street Romantic Comedy Novella) by Horrocks, Heather on Kindle for Android! http://www.amazon.com/kindleforandroid/
This book is sweet and funny. This is a romantic novel I don't mind reading.  This book has a warm feeling to it and  it doesn't need all that other stuff to be good. You know, 50 Shades of Grey type stuff. (I have read that book too, story line not bad).  If you want a cute holiday romance story for Christmas;  Bah, Humbug! By Heather Horrocks is the one to read.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oh but you coupon so well.

I am a learning couponer. I try so hard to be a savvy shopper and try hard to match wits with my sister and mom when it comes to saving money. Diapers are the thing,besides formula, that I frequently look for coupons for. Pampers which are my fave for my son. Especially the swaddlers diapers, those soft and snuggly diapers are great at absorption and as well as indicating when the baby is wet(for the dads out there). Well anyway, I signed up for the Pampers Rewards program, they make you think you will get free diapers or at least plenty of coupons. I have to say, not so much. The rewards program only gives  a $5 off coupons, and that could be total or a combined number of coupons. In order to enter in the chance to win diapers and wipes you have to use 10 points. WHAT>! Really? I will say, I have been using the program and half my silly codes do not work and I have only got 102 points. Wow. How awesome. To me, these programs do nothing. I have learned it is best to just go get the paper, go to my coupon tab, or go to a coupon site. These rewards things have no real bearing, and are a lot of times a waste of time. Sure, I am sure there are many people out there who would beg to differ, but look at it closely and you will see.
Speaking from experience.

Cup of Coffee and a thought, defending my right to have ONE child.

Why is it that where ever you are someone has to ask the infamous, "when are you having number two?"  I am starting to hate that question. Really badly. My son is happy as an only child. I am one of 5, and my parents struggled with all of us, financially, mentally, and all the other ways you could be. I feel like I could do with less of explaining my reasons to people of no more children. I could do with less of people telling me my reasons are basically selfish. I could do less of people rolling their eyes at my saying "I almost died, I do not want to go through it again." I do not want my hubby to go through what Ashley on "Gone with the Wind " had to go through when his wife Mellie died when she was preggers. My pregnancy was a difficult one and I am done explaining to people why I do not want any more children.

I know my financial limitations, and another child is something we can not afford, and that is another thing people just say why to me and then point out that my son is not that expensive. Um, he is at the doctor a lot for his skin. Diapers are expensive and so is formula. And I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER CHILD! Why can not people accept that I am very very very happy with my son? Just because you decided to have 2 or 3 or even 4 kids doesn't mean I have to. When did it become mandatory that I have to have more children? Please let me know.
He will be lonely. Um, no he wont. He will have friends when he gets into school. He will not be lonely. I was one of 5 and I played alone more that I did with my siblings. We fought. He will be fine, and I know many people that were only children and they were fine.
Only a few people understand my issues, my mother, my mother in law, my grandma,sister, and my grandma in law. Basically, my family and closest friends. It is not selfish to not want another child, why do people make it that way. And so far, they are the only ones that support that decision that my hubby and I made.
It is our decision and no one else's. We are the ones that have to decide this stuff. We are the ones that have to take care of things, not you. Please leave us alone and just accept what I have to say. My son will be an only child. There. Done. Finished, you don't need to know why. And you certainly do not have to argue with me about it. It is not your Uterus.
I am sorry readers for this rant. But for any of you who have experienced this knows my pain. And if you haven't think of it as being with the same person for 5+ years and getting asked "When are you getting married?" or "When are you having kids?" It is right up there with those questions.
What are your thoughts on this? Any advice on how to handle this? I am to the point of telling certain people off if they don't let up.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cup of coffee and a thought. Food wars.

Thismorning we had a battle. My little man once again is refusing to eat. I know what ghe culprit is. His little toofies. Those painful little silent attackers cause him much distress. They attack at night like ninjas.Yesterday, he refused to eat and relied on his bottle. Poor baby and poor mama. His daddy even was thrown into the battle. I can only hopeit will get betterI

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Christmas Parade. Ahh O.C.

Tonight was a great Christmas parade in my town. Lots of good floats and somethings that leave you with a why? Like there were a lot of gyms or fitness classes giving out fliers...guys I am watching the floats. I don't want to hear about your 24 day weight loss diddly.
Anyways over all it was a good short parade.
Pics following. 

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

This movie is super cute and great for the kiddies. I love how kids tell Grover and Kermit how Santa gets down the chimney. This movie from 1978 has some great values, and a good lesson is to be learned from Bert and Ernie. Just be sure to keep all pencils, typewriters, and other edibles from Cookie Monster.

A cup of coffee and a thought. Saying Merry Christmas.

What's wrong with saying Merry Christmas?  Are we all so afraid of causing offense that we all cower in the name and just say "Happy Holidays". People can actually get written up at work for saying it. Things you see on old movies you just can't do anymore. What got me thinking of this is when I watched Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. Everyone said Merry Christmas,  eventhough Mr Hooper was Jewish. He didn't take offense.  He viewed Christmas as a time of giving. Bob did say happy Hanukkah, to him. But now, you say merry Christmas to people and someone is bound to get upset. "I'm offended", well I'm offended that you're offended for being offended. Are you offended because it's a "Christian" holiday? I am not the most religious person, but I still love the holiday and all it means.
Let's have a history lesson.  A lesson that was even mentioned on Foodnetwork's "Good Eats". Christmas was not always called Christmas.  Infact, it had little to do with Christ until the Church,trying to keep people happy all of a sudden said Christ was born in December.  In which many historians believe was actually the spring. The church tried banning the old Celtic and pagan celebration of the Yuletide . Which caused people to do it anyways to the extreme and revolt. Drinking for a week straight and even the church was closed. Seriously,  go to Youtube and search History Channel history of Christmas.  Or "Good eats Christmas carol" .  Or go to the History Channel's website.
But, I say let's say what we want. Why conform? Christmas to me is about family, spending time with them, eating, and savoring memmories. As well as wrapping gifts with a bottle of wine. Traditions.  So I say Christmas has done me good and will do me good. And I say God bless it. If you get the Dickens references you are awesome!

Now here is a fun pic.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So hard to be a kitty during the holidays.


This video was so cute. I had to share! We need more kitty cat cheer!
If you think about it, cats are surrounded by temptation.  Ornaments dangling from the trees. Food everywhere and they can not have or need. Poor poor kitties.
They can not play with wrapping paper or anything else. If you ask me they have it easy. No relatives to be driven crazy by. No weight gain worry. No last minute gift worries.  They get to sleep and be cute.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A cup of coffee and a thought. Cookies for Santa.

Today was a great day out. Not only did I get some window shopping done,sigh. I also was able to take little man to see Santa Claus. It was a brief encounter with the man of the season. We took him to see Santa in his Starwars shirt and, you know what that was fine. I was not going to be the mom forcing uncomfortable Christmas elf clothing. No Santa hats, no tinsel;just little man as Santa knew him. Comfortable and clean. As well as cute. He was not drowing in red baby Santa attire. And while he was the most dressed down, he was the most comfortable and didn't cry. I figured a better picture would be had this way. However, if you dress your kids up like that good for you,it just isn't my cup of eggnog.  I think the formal Christmas attire is ok, most of my nieces photos with Santa are with that. But, just not elf like costumes.
Anyways, I am so proud of my baby boy. He handled it well.
After photoswith Santa we went on a mission to find a cookies for Santa cup and plate. We found them. For 12.99 -19.99. Why is that so Expensive? Really? Let's pay for something like that, when back in the day it was a glass of the cow and a dessert plate of cookies. So, I have a cheese platter of Santa's head and I have a red cup to match. But, here is my dilema. I am very lactose intolerant and  Hubby could drink the milk. But we could do a bit of the wink-wink, nod-nod eggnog(spiked) . Santa wont mind that, right?  He wont mind the good ol nog.
So, what do you leave for Santa? On Peppa pig it is a mince pie and a "drink".

Monday, December 9, 2013

More or less, thoughts on 2014.

It's Nablopomo December on BlogHer and this theme is more and less. Or more or less. Whatever. It made me think of my expectations for next year. So here is a list of what I am thinking.
1. More sleep. Yeah, I am hoping for more sleep in 2014.
2. Less worrying. That won't happen but for certain things I am hoping it will.
3. More financial freedom. Who doesn't want more of this? I need this badly. Which is why I work so diligently on my eBay store and why my hubby works as hard as he does. By the way great stuff is for sale right now!
4. Less debts. Dear Santa, please deliver some ways for debts to be solved. By means on number 3 on this list.  In 2014 I want my debts to be poof (GONE).
5.MORE CLOTHES. Nothing I own fits. If it fits it's not right. My body has changed and although I am down to 113 lbs again. I need hot mama clothes that fit well. 
6. New bras. See reason 5.
7.less run ins with Nature. I mean ants and other critters getting into or trying to get into my home. This means you bears! 
8. More exercise. I do exercise but need more.
9. More "me" time. I think as mommies we cheat ourselves of pure uninterrupted "me" time. We feel guilty or never get it. Because we don't take the time.
10. More makeup and real clothes days. Ok, living in yoga pants and tanks is not really my thing. But, right now my actual clothes aren't fitting the best. To be honest neither do my Yoga pants. They are too big. I don't wear cosmetics as much as I want to. Yes, I love makeup. I like wearing it.
11. More showers. This falls into number9 as well.  I sometimes can not fit it in... until baby is asleep. Then I am too tired to. Mommies you know what I am going through.

This is my list..so far.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday lazy day? Nah.

Happy Sunday! There is only 17 days left until Christmas! Can you believe how fast it's going by? I can't, on one hand I wish I could skip Christmas this year. On the other hand I don't. Today was a day full of clipping coupons. Then realizing I have too many for my binder. Ugh. But, saving money with coupons is worth it. I am starting to get more of a hang of the whole coupon thing.  Which is why I love my coupon page here on my blog. I have actually saved a ton on diapers,formula, spices, and other things. It is no wonder why people go nuts over coupons. I can totally get it. I understand why they do it to the extreme. It was a lot of work today clipping coupons, putting them in pairs. Store coupons with manufacturers coupons and putting it all together. I know it is worth it.
Today we also had a non-napping baby boy. Here in the kingdom of babydom, we skipped naps and didn't want to eat dinner. And after a big evening of fitting we may have a molar or two. Of course this may mean no sleep, again. He didn't eat his dinner but had 8 oz of formula. However, that does not mean he wont wake up at 3 Am hungry. Teething, it is so hard being a little man, isn't it baby bear? 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Muppets - A Muppet Family Christmas 1987 :What we are watching!

This is one of my favorites and is a classic I just hope you all enjoy it too!

Christmas lights and jolly time

As I have been promising. Here are some Christmas homes I took pictures of.I should add mine but I am no where near this in Christmas lights. Enjoy.
This was the start of our Christmas walking tour.
I need to take better pictures This house was fun.
This house won last year's town light contest.
You can kind of see why they won. Great uses of lights
What fun
Lots of time went into this

Across the street had this to say
one last picture of the other house

They did good too! lots of lights for a small space.
Blow ups are good for those who have back problems. My dad loves them. He just added the arch.