Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cup of Coffee and a thought, defending my right to have ONE child.

Why is it that where ever you are someone has to ask the infamous, "when are you having number two?"  I am starting to hate that question. Really badly. My son is happy as an only child. I am one of 5, and my parents struggled with all of us, financially, mentally, and all the other ways you could be. I feel like I could do with less of explaining my reasons to people of no more children. I could do with less of people telling me my reasons are basically selfish. I could do less of people rolling their eyes at my saying "I almost died, I do not want to go through it again." I do not want my hubby to go through what Ashley on "Gone with the Wind " had to go through when his wife Mellie died when she was preggers. My pregnancy was a difficult one and I am done explaining to people why I do not want any more children.

I know my financial limitations, and another child is something we can not afford, and that is another thing people just say why to me and then point out that my son is not that expensive. Um, he is at the doctor a lot for his skin. Diapers are expensive and so is formula. And I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER CHILD! Why can not people accept that I am very very very happy with my son? Just because you decided to have 2 or 3 or even 4 kids doesn't mean I have to. When did it become mandatory that I have to have more children? Please let me know.
He will be lonely. Um, no he wont. He will have friends when he gets into school. He will not be lonely. I was one of 5 and I played alone more that I did with my siblings. We fought. He will be fine, and I know many people that were only children and they were fine.
Only a few people understand my issues, my mother, my mother in law, my grandma,sister, and my grandma in law. Basically, my family and closest friends. It is not selfish to not want another child, why do people make it that way. And so far, they are the only ones that support that decision that my hubby and I made.
It is our decision and no one else's. We are the ones that have to decide this stuff. We are the ones that have to take care of things, not you. Please leave us alone and just accept what I have to say. My son will be an only child. There. Done. Finished, you don't need to know why. And you certainly do not have to argue with me about it. It is not your Uterus.
I am sorry readers for this rant. But for any of you who have experienced this knows my pain. And if you haven't think of it as being with the same person for 5+ years and getting asked "When are you getting married?" or "When are you having kids?" It is right up there with those questions.
What are your thoughts on this? Any advice on how to handle this? I am to the point of telling certain people off if they don't let up.

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