Sunday, December 29, 2013

Coupon Sunday. Want .68 cent Dawn dish soap?

I have been learning the ways of the couponer. It is a constant learning thing. If you ever get a chance watch extreme couponing, it has changed my outlook on coupining forever. And once you get something free or 68-98% off, you get hooked. I am striving to get my grocery bill down. And have already saved a bundle. I want a stock pile. But, it is for emergencies. I learned many couponers go into the extreme because of loss or gains. Loss of a job, money, new baby, etc. I hate that my grocery bill was half our income. So if I can get it down, we will be ok.
It is a MUST.
Some great ways to get started saving is by clicking on my grocery coupon tab, it helps my blog and you save! Second, make sure you organize. Also, print out the stores coupon policy. You will be glad you did.
Want to get dawn soap for .68 cents? Print out a dawn coupon or more from my grocery tab and go to CVS. Use your rewards card and bam. You just saved. Get ibotta app and cartwheel by Target.  Happy saving!

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