Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Today I became a shelf clearer....almost.

Today I finished up my cvs shopping. I got Tide for around $1.75 a bottle. That is for the 32 load bottles that were on sale. For 5 of those, a regular Dawn, and a Panteen Shampoo; I only paid $ 17. Thanks to my Pampers shopping. By the way I did a cruisers instead of easy ups. I almost cleared the Dawn shelf. Yeah....I did. I left 1 bottle of hand renew. Along with a coupon for .25 cents off regular Dawn. So after I got my reward dollars I used them towards my Tide Purchase. I think for more savings I may sign hubby up for CVS. Why not? I want to save money and now I won't need Tide Detergents gor MONTHS!
The savings are there,  you have to be vigilant.
What I did was use 2 $3 off two Tides.  Then a $1 off one Tide. Then I used the .25 cents off mu blue Dawn soap. And a coupon for $1 off Panteen. At checkout I combined those coupons with the $10 off. Sweet stuff, am I right? #financialfreedom #couponprincess

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