Thursday, December 5, 2013

9 months today!!! And what a day!

Today my son is 9 months! And besides going for his 9 month physical, he had to endure a shot as well as lack of sleep last night. The doctor went over all the things that a happy healthy 9 month old should do. He is definitely one happy healthy baby, except for his diaper rash from hell and eczema. For, which he got new meds for and buttpaste. Funny name but we shall try it. It is a kind of a clay like color and has no real smell. He has a bad diaper rash and eczema makes it worse. Babies with eczema like has can not be in a peed diaper for longer than a minute to 5 minutes. Poor little guy and he has to sleep with no diaper. Ohhh boy. And he learned how to climb today... lots of firsts today. I also learned not to forget his blankie and Simba doll, especially when shots are do. He did well with his shots and I have become a pro at witnessing them. #babylife
The day turned into a hellish day soon after, not on little man's part but on my insurance. First they got the old insurance as his main insurance. Then the date of birth was wrong. Then they listed him as a girl.
I had to waste so much time today over really weird issues with the insurance office. His meds without insurance were $200! I don't have $200 at all in my account. But after a whole day of messing with them Target and I fixed the problem.
But, there is another issue ,the TV.  I am going to start limiting TV more. He doesn't need it all the time. And I am just as bad as he is. We shall see how that goes.

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