Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oh but you coupon so well.

I am a learning couponer. I try so hard to be a savvy shopper and try hard to match wits with my sister and mom when it comes to saving money. Diapers are the thing,besides formula, that I frequently look for coupons for. Pampers which are my fave for my son. Especially the swaddlers diapers, those soft and snuggly diapers are great at absorption and as well as indicating when the baby is wet(for the dads out there). Well anyway, I signed up for the Pampers Rewards program, they make you think you will get free diapers or at least plenty of coupons. I have to say, not so much. The rewards program only gives  a $5 off coupons, and that could be total or a combined number of coupons. In order to enter in the chance to win diapers and wipes you have to use 10 points. WHAT>! Really? I will say, I have been using the program and half my silly codes do not work and I have only got 102 points. Wow. How awesome. To me, these programs do nothing. I have learned it is best to just go get the paper, go to my coupon tab, or go to a coupon site. These rewards things have no real bearing, and are a lot of times a waste of time. Sure, I am sure there are many people out there who would beg to differ, but look at it closely and you will see.
Speaking from experience.

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