Saturday, December 28, 2013

It is done and over.

It is over. Christmas is gone for another year. And for once I am happy about that.  What used to be my favorite time of year has been marred with disappointing mishaps as well as chaos. Hardships seem to appear every December.  This year our AC died out, which where we live is a must have. Money was very tight, and I gave what I could. My present was my baby and while I loved it, deep down I wish I had gotten something. Even if it was a box of those Queen Anne cordial cherries. Deep down I wished for a gift. Is that wrong of me?  I got hubby a wireless headset, sold many things in my eBay store for. He was happy to get it. And I hope next year things will be better. As we get closer to 2014, I am left with a sense of insecurity.  Why? Well things suck right now. And while I am happy with things in my life I am also unhappy too. I take the blame. 
Tonight we are going on a much needed "date night" with little man in tow. Hopefully we will have fun. 

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