Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy December 1st!

Have a holly jolly Sunday, it is now December. We can now listen to Christmas music without feeling a bit silly. The lights are almost done and I am excited about this holiday season at the same time as not feeling excited about this holiday season. It is going to be my baby's first Christmas, and although I know he will have the best I feel like I can not do as much as I want to. I am not talking about toys per say, he has plenty for under the tree. But for other reasons. Some of the things I used to make each year I can't this year. The money just is not there. And people think it would be OK if THEY pay for part, no. It isn't the same. I can not ask that, we just wont have any.
A bit of  Christmas cheer and the spirit of the season was witnessed yesterday at a local Walmart. By your's truly. I didn't do the cheer, I was the one who was going to recieve it. While at the check out line, I forgot 4 jars of baby food. So, I went back to get them the cashier held my items at the check out. It was 6Am and no one but me and a few other people were there. She thought I couldn't pay for my son's food or for my food in my cart. I just took the cart with me so it wasn't in the way. She assumed that I was putting food back. So, she asked the cashier if she could pay towards my groceries. A nice and sweet gesture. The cashier explained what happened and the lady went on her way. But, think about it. That is really what this season should be about. The spirit of giving and good will towards others. Put them first. I have to say, it put me in an excellent mood and a warm feeling was there. Thank you lady, where ever you are.

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