Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First bout of stomach flu.

There is nothing worse than laying on the bed with your baby while he is talking to you and then bleh. He vomits. Oh god. It went everywhere. I took him out to his daddy in the living room so I could shower. Only to find him at the door to our room crying mama and puke on the floor. He got away for 1 minute from daddy. That is when it became more than just an isolated event. It became a full on my son is sick as ever problem. 
It was constant and I had this feeling of helplessness. I had no idea of what to do. All I know is my precious baby boy wanted me and I was happy to oblige puke or not. I was constantly covered in it, but hydration was key. He was so sick and I couldn't do anything about it. He just kept throwing up. 
Finally at 9:30 pm, he stopped and was just an unhappy and very ill baby. I could comfort him and make him comfy. He would sleep in our room that night in his pack n play. Which we made super comfy. 

Then it struck, I was sick. I puked my guts out and felt horrible. Passed out by the toilette and threw up  more. Yay. I got better and today I could actually eat. Now hubby has it. Joyous. But both of us felt absolutley horrible that little man went through it in the first place. No baby should be sick like that. It hurts me to think of it now. 

His first stomach flu and no it was not a Kodak moment.

What we were told to do was to keep hi hydrated with watered down gatoraid and water. He was able to eat solids 24hours later. 
Glad it is over.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Free lipstick continued.

Yesterdayi posted about free lipstick and what not; I realized that I had gotten the Loreal Paris items free. And, I actually got the rb(rewards bucks) back for $5. If you think about it that made my makeup free. Yay! 
How awesome. I didn't realize I had that until this morning actually. I though I reached my limit. I guess that baby sale was a separate thing from the regular stuff. Good for me. Because I had gotten 81% savings and this was just icing on the cake. I don't understand why more people do not coupon. Save some money!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Free lipstick! What?

Yes that is 3 free makeups. 2 lipsticks and one nail polish 100% free. I got a paper about a week ago and got in my insert a coupon from Wet N' Wild cosmetics. It was for a dollar off and Walmart had them for $.93 a thing. So freeeeeeeeee......eeeeeeee.....nail polish and lip sticks. I am rebuilding the massive amounts of makeup I had to throw out after an eye infection my son shared with me as well as things being past their prime. So, when I get stuff for cheap I jump on it. Like some Loreal Paris eyeshadow and concealer. After 2 coupons and a CVS deal from buying diapers, I got them for $4 total. Wow. How? Ok, here is how

The deal at CVS this week was spend $30 on baby goods(diapers) and you get $10 back. Well, I had also a $5 off any $30 purchased in baby diapers. Wow! On top of that I had 2 $1.50 off Pampers Cruisers and 2 $1.50 off Pampers Baby Dry. There was $11 off the $34 that it cost me. Each pack was on sale for $8.99. So total out of pocket was $23 divide that by four and that makes each pack $6. That is not a bad deal. This gave me $10 cash reward from CVS to use on something else and since makeup is pricey, I used it on Loreal. 
The eyeshadow was $7.49 and the concealer was $9.49. I had a mfc for the concealer worth $3 off. The. I had $1 off mfc for the eyeshadow palette. $6.49. Then the $10 off, so I got really inexpensive Loreal. On top of that the diapers boosted my Pampers rewards over 500 points and made it fees able to get another shutterfly set. Yay! Go coupons. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So, he isn't walking yet. Big deal.

I can not wait for my boy to walk believe me. And I love hearing stories from people about their child's first steps. My son, however, has taken steps but he gets scared and stops. There is nothing wrong with him, he just isn't ready. So, leave him and me alone. Please. 

My boy is happy and healthy and cruises. He plays on his own, is very active, and the pediatrician said he is normal. And it is normal for a baby not to be fully walking at 1 year or 12 months. So, why must I get the third degree over this? Why must people go out of their way to make me feel bad? Why must they make me feel like my son is not developing right? Move on and worry about your kid who just shoved a crayon in their nose. Don't bother yourself about mine.

Ok, so he isn't walking. I am not worried, he will when he is ready. But, this experience that I keep having is making me annoyed. And I get super defensive. Wouldn't you? 
"Is he walking yet?" 
"Why not? Wow, my kids walked at 10-11 mos"

What would you say to that? I was suggested to have him see a doctor. For that, really? 
No. He is fine and will be fine. He will walk, when he is supposed to. And that is up to him. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

What would you do with $400 million?

My hubby and I were talking about this today over our coffee and Special K cereal. What would you do with $400 million? My response was of a responsible nature; pay off debt. Pay off the mortgage and student loans. That I am sure is a given for all who do win that kind of cash. At least I hope it is. He said he wanted to buy the block....um no hunny. You may not. I suggested buying the empty lots behind us and next to us for a big back yard. He suggested buying a bigger house. Of course. Why can't we by like Roseanne's family and live in the same home and just finish fixing it up? You know remodel it. Make a bigger kitchen, have new carpets, maybe see if we could add on? Or not. 

Then I got to thinking, I would buy a new car for me. Something I have never had. I have never owned my own car, or had that first car joy. And I am almost 30. My hubby had the car we still drive when he was 17. But me? Never. It sucks and quite frankly it is sad. Here I am almost 30 and can't afford a new car or newish car. So yeah, if I ever won the lotto ; I would buy a new car. Something practical too and definitely not a "mom" car. No minivans here, yuck. 

I would of course remodel the kitchen and floors. I would paint the inside better and find a way to get closet space and a bigger master bath. I want a tub with jets so I can relax after chasing little man around. After all of that and a well earned vacation, I would invest,save, and still clip. Couponing would not leave, I mean look how much I save! 

Yeah, I have heard of the "lotto curse", I laugh at that. I believe the people just didn't spend wisely. I wouldn't have to go to the finest of finery as far as hotels for vacations. A cruise is cheap and fun, from what I hear. And 2 vacations a year would be reasonable. I wouldn't have to spend insane amounts to have friends, buying friendship is not for me. Nor would I lend out crazy amounts to family members who would only want back in our lives because of $. Sorry, not going to fall for it. Family or not. Don't care. 

My question is what would you do with that kind of cash? How would you handle greedy family and friends? Would you worry about that? 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Blaaaaaaaahhhhhhh bleh

That is how I feel today. Blah and bleh. I have been trying to clean and get my home in order(a loosing battle) and I just feel so scatter brained. I try to get something's done and little man wakes up. It is like he instinctivly knows when I am painting the bathroom or the trim. Or if I am doing laundry he knows and DING he is awake. I finally turned on old episodes of Roseanne and just watched them while playing with my son. We were attacking each other with dinosaurs. 
I tried putting him down earlier and he still cries. He cried for about 25 minutes and I am not big on cry it out, but I can not spend 30 minutes putting him to sleep anymore at least at bed time. I feel so lost and like a bad mom because my son won't sleep. I don't know what else to do. I am at my wits end,really. 
Then there is the bottle issue, when do you fully switch over to a cup? I have a cup for him and try to get him to use it and he does and doesn't. I feel lost as a mom. Just lost. 
Am I doing a good job?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Why I deserve a glass or bottle of wine.

If anyone had ever told me how hard birthdays are to plan I wouldn't have believed them. My goodness, even my Halloween parties are not this hard to plan. So why did I have so much trouble with this? Is it because it is little man? Maybe. I have to think about little kiddies and not just adults. I have to say, I did pretty good. I couponed most of the food, got helium for the balloons, and cooked today away. It is 7:32 pm and I am just now sitting down. I tried to take a nap earlier and little man wanted to jump on mom. So, here we are and I am trying to think abut getting a glass of wine.
Monday March 10,2014
Everything went well at his party yesterday. Even though I had a lot of no call no shows(thanks) even after they RSVP they would be there. I was hurt but, still we had fun even when he cried for people singing. And his teeth decided to want to come through at the fun part of his party. It was a great party.
The kids who came had fun and all he adults had a great time catching up and talking nonsense. The only thing is now to write thanks you notes and figure out what to do with all this left over food. Mom was right, I did too much. But, I was expecting a much larger crowd. Oh well. We threw a great party. 
And thanks to everyone who came!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy birthday my little one.

It happened,yes. My baby boy turned one today! I can not believe it.  It feels like just yesterday we were in the hospital recovering waiting to go home. It feels so surreal. I have a 1 year old baby. He survived us for a whole year. There were so many firsts! First tooth, first bottle, first holidays, first foods, first French fry. I am in wonder at his amazing inquisitive nature and happy demeanor. He truly is a wonderful kid and I couldn't have asked for better. This boy means the world to me and I just can not wait to see how he continues to grow and change. This is just a great feeling and while it is great I am sad too. He starts to get more independent every day and when he walks it will be even more. He won't want mama to carry him, he will want to walk on his own. 
He is my everything and I love him so very much. Happy birthday baby boy! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

I have been dealing with quite a bit lately. A teething boy, a hubby sick with bronchitis, and keeping fit. I feel like I am cheating myself because I haven't been able to exercise lately . I have been way too tired. This no sleep, lack of sleep, wish I had sleep stuff is just taking all I have out of me. And although I am sick myself, I hide it well. Concealer is a beautiful thing and I have to be up and moving. I have way too much to do around the house. I hate that my mind never thinks it is clean enough. My mind is OCD in that my house never seems clean enough. I don't know if it is the fact that we have that ant problem or the fact that I can not get my carpet clean thanks to the last people letting their pets use it as a litter box. I don't know if this obsession is from when I was growing up and my mom just gave up on cleaning because we would just mess it up again and she worked. So the house was always messy. 

I am trying to figure out my worry. My husband says the house looks fine but I don't feel that way. In every home I have lived I have never felt my home has been good enough and have major insecurities over this. I blame someone in my life for part of this, I had an aha moment yesterday. Someone spent the holidays here and took it upon themself without permission to clean my home as if it were dreadfully nasty.this person whenever they were over does this,comments on my taste in art,paint,and tells me how to care for MY stuff. Which left me feeling like poo, like I was not good enough and therefore my home isn't either.Every home has been under furnished and cluttered. Clutter that I try to throw away but it always comes back.I try to organize but can not as there is no space. I am going to watch Hoarders, maybe that will help me feel better and help me throw stuff away. And the other issue is money, if we had it we could get all the carpets replaced, the kitchen redone, the walls all painted, the bathrooms the way I wanted. I want my home to be my dream home, not my dungeon. Which it feels that way because no matter what I do, the inside needs fixing and no matter how much I scrub it, it can not hide broken. 
I wish I could wave a wand and it would be fixed, but that is just silly. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Never shop when hungry, or when sick with flu.

I told my self I wouldn't go shopping until this coming Friday before little man's bday party. Well, we needed things. Like diapers,milks,juice, and something for me to throw in the oven and get it out when the timer goes off. I also needed one of those neat snack cups for my baby, this way the dog can not get them and little man won't make a huge mess....again. 
I went to Publix this morning and did ok at my shopping. Not the best deals but then again I only went there for milk and Tylenol cold. Which I got, along with Texas toast(it was bogo free and I had 2 mfc's for a total of $1 off, so it was $1.89 for 2 boxes.)  Then I got cereal for hubby. Raisin Bran and cinnamon toast crunch. Little man needed littlest man food, so I got more of that.  Sorry to say but no pics of that small haul.
 Then later after a regretful bowl of chili and a baby without a nap we went to Target. It was part 2 of shopping as we needed diapers and juice. And umm...makeup. There is always room for that. Hey, I am high maitenence mama. I want to look good. And most of my Maybeline was less than $2. I also got a Rimmel lipgloss for $2.  

This all cost me $50 before coupons it was more than $75. Let's face it diapers are expensive. And not only that I had to get extras. Like the juice. The 3 cans of Iams were free. Actually I made money on them. $1.70 for 3 cans and I had a coupon for $2 off 3 so, they were free with a 30cent profit.
The makeup was cheap too.
The E.L.F brush was only a dollar but worth it. They make great brushes. The Mascara was only $2 after coupons and the nail polish by Maybeline was only $1.89. I am the master of getting shampoos,conditioners,and serums free or $1. That Loreal Sleek it, was only $.99! Who said you can't afford to get that stuff for great hair? You can and it is awesome stuff. One post I'll have to show you the stock pile of my bathroom. Once you see that you will do it too.

Ok, so how did I manage that? So, Target had it on sale for $3.99 I had a sc for $1 off and a mfc for $2 off. Math. It was only $.99. Yes that is right $.99! 
Diapers, let's talk diapers before my medicine kicks in and I get a nap while hubby watches boy. (Hubby took his sick nap already ) 
The pampers baby dry were $8.99 every day. I had a mfc for $1.50 off and a sc for $.50 off. That made it $6.99 for the bag. The wipes were on sale for $5.49, I had a mfc for $1.50(which is rare) and a sc for $.50; each bag cost $3.49 that is a great deal!  Over all I would say not too bad, definitely not one of my best trips but ok, none the less. I wasn't at my best either, almost puked while shopping.Be sure to check out the coupon links at the top of the blog for some super savings!