Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So, he isn't walking yet. Big deal.

I can not wait for my boy to walk believe me. And I love hearing stories from people about their child's first steps. My son, however, has taken steps but he gets scared and stops. There is nothing wrong with him, he just isn't ready. So, leave him and me alone. Please. 

My boy is happy and healthy and cruises. He plays on his own, is very active, and the pediatrician said he is normal. And it is normal for a baby not to be fully walking at 1 year or 12 months. So, why must I get the third degree over this? Why must people go out of their way to make me feel bad? Why must they make me feel like my son is not developing right? Move on and worry about your kid who just shoved a crayon in their nose. Don't bother yourself about mine.

Ok, so he isn't walking. I am not worried, he will when he is ready. But, this experience that I keep having is making me annoyed. And I get super defensive. Wouldn't you? 
"Is he walking yet?" 
"Why not? Wow, my kids walked at 10-11 mos"

What would you say to that? I was suggested to have him see a doctor. For that, really? 
No. He is fine and will be fine. He will walk, when he is supposed to. And that is up to him. 

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