Saturday, March 8, 2014

Why I deserve a glass or bottle of wine.

If anyone had ever told me how hard birthdays are to plan I wouldn't have believed them. My goodness, even my Halloween parties are not this hard to plan. So why did I have so much trouble with this? Is it because it is little man? Maybe. I have to think about little kiddies and not just adults. I have to say, I did pretty good. I couponed most of the food, got helium for the balloons, and cooked today away. It is 7:32 pm and I am just now sitting down. I tried to take a nap earlier and little man wanted to jump on mom. So, here we are and I am trying to think abut getting a glass of wine.
Monday March 10,2014
Everything went well at his party yesterday. Even though I had a lot of no call no shows(thanks) even after they RSVP they would be there. I was hurt but, still we had fun even when he cried for people singing. And his teeth decided to want to come through at the fun part of his party. It was a great party.
The kids who came had fun and all he adults had a great time catching up and talking nonsense. The only thing is now to write thanks you notes and figure out what to do with all this left over food. Mom was right, I did too much. But, I was expecting a much larger crowd. Oh well. We threw a great party. 
And thanks to everyone who came!

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