Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy birthday my little one.

It happened,yes. My baby boy turned one today! I can not believe it.  It feels like just yesterday we were in the hospital recovering waiting to go home. It feels so surreal. I have a 1 year old baby. He survived us for a whole year. There were so many firsts! First tooth, first bottle, first holidays, first foods, first French fry. I am in wonder at his amazing inquisitive nature and happy demeanor. He truly is a wonderful kid and I couldn't have asked for better. This boy means the world to me and I just can not wait to see how he continues to grow and change. This is just a great feeling and while it is great I am sad too. He starts to get more independent every day and when he walks it will be even more. He won't want mama to carry him, he will want to walk on his own. 
He is my everything and I love him so very much. Happy birthday baby boy! 

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