Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First bout of stomach flu.

There is nothing worse than laying on the bed with your baby while he is talking to you and then bleh. He vomits. Oh god. It went everywhere. I took him out to his daddy in the living room so I could shower. Only to find him at the door to our room crying mama and puke on the floor. He got away for 1 minute from daddy. That is when it became more than just an isolated event. It became a full on my son is sick as ever problem. 
It was constant and I had this feeling of helplessness. I had no idea of what to do. All I know is my precious baby boy wanted me and I was happy to oblige puke or not. I was constantly covered in it, but hydration was key. He was so sick and I couldn't do anything about it. He just kept throwing up. 
Finally at 9:30 pm, he stopped and was just an unhappy and very ill baby. I could comfort him and make him comfy. He would sleep in our room that night in his pack n play. Which we made super comfy. 

Then it struck, I was sick. I puked my guts out and felt horrible. Passed out by the toilette and threw up  more. Yay. I got better and today I could actually eat. Now hubby has it. Joyous. But both of us felt absolutley horrible that little man went through it in the first place. No baby should be sick like that. It hurts me to think of it now. 

His first stomach flu and no it was not a Kodak moment.

What we were told to do was to keep hi hydrated with watered down gatoraid and water. He was able to eat solids 24hours later. 
Glad it is over.

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