Sunday, March 2, 2014

Never shop when hungry, or when sick with flu.

I told my self I wouldn't go shopping until this coming Friday before little man's bday party. Well, we needed things. Like diapers,milks,juice, and something for me to throw in the oven and get it out when the timer goes off. I also needed one of those neat snack cups for my baby, this way the dog can not get them and little man won't make a huge mess....again. 
I went to Publix this morning and did ok at my shopping. Not the best deals but then again I only went there for milk and Tylenol cold. Which I got, along with Texas toast(it was bogo free and I had 2 mfc's for a total of $1 off, so it was $1.89 for 2 boxes.)  Then I got cereal for hubby. Raisin Bran and cinnamon toast crunch. Little man needed littlest man food, so I got more of that.  Sorry to say but no pics of that small haul.
 Then later after a regretful bowl of chili and a baby without a nap we went to Target. It was part 2 of shopping as we needed diapers and juice. And There is always room for that. Hey, I am high maitenence mama. I want to look good. And most of my Maybeline was less than $2. I also got a Rimmel lipgloss for $2.  

This all cost me $50 before coupons it was more than $75. Let's face it diapers are expensive. And not only that I had to get extras. Like the juice. The 3 cans of Iams were free. Actually I made money on them. $1.70 for 3 cans and I had a coupon for $2 off 3 so, they were free with a 30cent profit.
The makeup was cheap too.
The E.L.F brush was only a dollar but worth it. They make great brushes. The Mascara was only $2 after coupons and the nail polish by Maybeline was only $1.89. I am the master of getting shampoos,conditioners,and serums free or $1. That Loreal Sleek it, was only $.99! Who said you can't afford to get that stuff for great hair? You can and it is awesome stuff. One post I'll have to show you the stock pile of my bathroom. Once you see that you will do it too.

Ok, so how did I manage that? So, Target had it on sale for $3.99 I had a sc for $1 off and a mfc for $2 off. Math. It was only $.99. Yes that is right $.99! 
Diapers, let's talk diapers before my medicine kicks in and I get a nap while hubby watches boy. (Hubby took his sick nap already ) 
The pampers baby dry were $8.99 every day. I had a mfc for $1.50 off and a sc for $.50 off. That made it $6.99 for the bag. The wipes were on sale for $5.49, I had a mfc for $1.50(which is rare) and a sc for $.50; each bag cost $3.49 that is a great deal!  Over all I would say not too bad, definitely not one of my best trips but ok, none the less. I wasn't at my best either, almost puked while shopping.Be sure to check out the coupon links at the top of the blog for some super savings! 

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