Friday, February 28, 2014

Big headed ants? Here?

Of all the things to happen this was one. A costly pest infestation. A pest infestation that I had been complaining about to Terminix since March last year. Something they always ignored me about. And they expect me to pay them, when they also let someone use our info to get pest Terminix. Won't happen, and I never have received any notifications about it either. Funny. 

We have been finding piles of sand in our house. That's right, in our house. And it has been a struggle to get rid of these little pests. What got me really going was the HUGE piles I saw in the garage. It was as if a massive ant colony was surviving and thriving in an intricate society or many towns,villages, and rulers. Oh wait. They were. We have a super colony under my house. And it as the new pest control company said, "how could they have missed this?" 

Wanna see it?
Look here.
 This is a small bit of where they are. And they are throughout the house. How gross and costly. Pest control will be here 1once a week for the next month or so and then every month. Yay. The fun of being a home owner. And on top of all of this I have to figure out where in the foundation in the front room is the crack. They want to come up through it. 
This should have been handled, this should have never have gotten this bad. If I was listened to and not made out to be "seeing things" we wouldn't have the outdoors in. I clean like a mad woman, my day starts out with kitchen cleaning, followed by vacuuming the house, dusting, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms. I feel the ants make me seem like my home is dirty, and it is totally embarrassing. But, here I am blogging about it. 
There is a trench around my home from the trumador, all I need is some water a draw bridge and a couple of gators waiting. It is a moat. They will fill it back up. Still, I can not help but worry about this. Wouldn't you? 


  1. We always have bad carpenter ant problems in the summer yuck! We also had an infestation in our fridge last year (yes, you read that correctly!). They had gotten into the area where the (warm) motor is for our ice machine and built an entire colony in the inside of our freezer door. We discovered this when ants started coming out of the water/ice section on the front of our fridge. Not cool. Not cool at all. It took months to treat and get rid of them and to this day I cannot use our ice machine-it freaks me out lol.

  2. Oh my god, that would give me nightmares! Seeing ants come out of that part of the fridge!