Sunday, February 9, 2014

Video game nostalgia : all this for a shotgun.

Hello everyone, I am still playing Tomb Raider, and I have died,gotten lost,figured out stuff, and remembered how to do certain things on the game. 
Killed my first dinosaur. Then I got eaten by a Trex. I screamed bloody murder and almost peed my pants when it came out of no where and nom nomed on Laura. 
It was a hard lesson, but I knew I could win the fight with a shotgun. So, off I went in search of it. 
I had to go all the way back to the beginning and then do a lot of careful jumps. After an hour or longer,if you include frustration time outs, I got to the fabled shot gun.
I also found this. Apparently it does something necessary to complete the level. You have to fin 3 cog wheels. Which actually aren't hard to find. I went back to take care of mr dinosaur. 
Booya! I gotcha! Mwahahahaha. I won! And killed him on the first try! With the four shots on the shotgun and a couple of shots from my pistols.
I placed the cogwheels in their spots. Then backtracked to the first lake and where the waterfall was I went through a cave. Level end. Whew.

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