Saturday, February 8, 2014

Video game nostalgia ; tomb raider for iPad.

Still playing Tomb Raider, and I am having a great time. Other than the controls it is a great game to play on iPad.  I just wish I could remember where the shot gun is...more than likely I passed it up. 
Um I don't know why it is tilted. But here we are. The next level.

I love this game!
Well, I died. A lot here and it was not fun. I mean as funny as her deaths were it was annoying. 
How do I get past this?
You have to run and roll. That is how you get past here. You run and roll. Then at the end you pull a lever and fall.
Tricky tricky.
Once I made it past I cleared the level with no shotgun, but shells and oozie clips. Now, where are the guns?! 

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