Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What is for dinner? Cereal.

Ever have one of those day, where the kids are miserable, nothing makes them happy, and things just are awful? I had that day. Our ac has been out for a couple of weeks and we have been fortunate that it has been cool here in Florida. But, for the past couple of days it has been mid eighties. And in a home where I can not open many windows, it is an issue. Can't open them due to damaged screens or missing screens. I have cats and fl has bugs. So we are here in this house. An ac repair man was supposed to call and come to fix it. My hubby tried to call him, there was no answer. He said he would be out today so what was the hold up. Finally my hubby gets a text, not a call, a TEXT. Who does that?  Who as a business would text to tell you they are canceling? They never answered the phone, and sent a text. Why? Cause they didn't want to hear my hubby get mad. He finally called hubby am she let him have it. My son and I sat in a hot house, my baby was miserable and uncomfortable. And I felt horrible for it, and I do not handle heat well. I am greatful it is cooling down finally, sorry to everyone stuck in snow. I feel for you and hope all is ok. But anyways, I made dinner to save money. Big mistake. I made horrible Alfredo and it was beyond nasty. I heated up my home for craptastic food. I was mad at me! My baby was hot, I was hot, we were drinking lots of ice water. He wouldn't nap all day cause of it and then that. Great. At least he ate. Hubby got home and I made him eat cereal. Dinner had been cancelled. Oscar the grouch can eat it now. 

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