Monday, February 24, 2014

Most awesome stackable toy.

Babies love stackable toys. The rings are fun to throw around and are a classic. But, hubby brought his boy home something special. A stackable science toy! Because science! This toy is a stackable toy that no matter how he moves it around it won't topple over so easily.
It has grooves that allow this to happen. My hubby saw it and bought it when he was on a trip for business. What a great daddy! #science

The balls are heavy but very colorful, something babies love. They love all the colors. They love these tactile toys. Tobbles neo is available online for $26 or at MOMA. They come with concave tops and round bottoms. The neo has geometric tactile concave tops. Babies just have a lot of fun, and may I say my hubby and I had fun with them too. Artsy and appealing, these toys are not an eyesore. I will have them on a coffee table. These are not your average stackable toy. 

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