Wednesday, February 12, 2014

IKEA bookcase expedit

I made a decision to put together our ikea bookcase. One look at the Xbox games, DVDs, and books everywhere made up my mind for me. Here we go.  

It started like any ikea project. A book filled of picture directions and a lot of wood piles.
The figures there say not to do alone. I was not alone. I had help, lots of help.
See? Helping. He was inspecting each box with intensity and scrutiny. I am happy for that. Not alone.
I started to put things in order which box of pieces go where and had to guess which box had the tools. Tip:they are in box 2.
Once we got things situated and organized. Well, as organized as one with an 11 month old can be it was time to build. So, he with his hammer and I with my instruction booklet settled down for a long journey of building a cabinet. This by the way was an act of sheer boredom as well as organizational need.
Mom it goes like this, see?
He was a big help and had to crawl on every piece of furniture. Silly.
There we got it done. And we did it without help, it actually wasn't heavy . We put together the big entertainment center the next night. We are an awesome team! 

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