Thursday, February 20, 2014

Battle of wills.

Mommy and baby had a epic war last night. What it was about was bedtime. It was a battle of wills. A battle of patience. A battle of mom vs baby. Who would outlast the other? Well it was me, but he didn't go without a massive fight.

It began like any normal night. He has been sleeping throughout the night and refuses to sleep in the morning anymore. There goes my morning exercise sesh with Jillian and Xbox. But, he ate his cereal and it was time for zzzz's. I thought he would sleep all night and I thought he would go to bed easily.bah!  We were watching Peppa pig and little man out of no where started screaming. What?! I was struck with worry of course and rushed him to his room for Oragel and hope it would work. Now remember we just got over bronculitis and ear infections. The gel did nothing, so I had to use Tylenol. He still was screaming. After walking him around the room, I sat down and gave him a bottle. He took a few sips and threw it. We went from a pain cry to a full on temper tantrum that would make any two year old envious. He wouldn't stop, and I tried to comfort and while I am not a "cry it out" parent; I had to put him in his crib and walk away. I was lost. And he wouldn't stop. 
I went into my room and watch tv while he cried, checking on him every 10 mins. He wouldn't stop and it was out of control. I went into his room again and picked him up. I tried to soothe him,but he was just so upset for being upset; I don't even think he realized I was holding him. 
I walked around the room and finally he fell asleep. After flailing around like a fish out of water, throwing himself, scratching mama, and screaming he fell asleep in my arms. I felt horrible. 
And hope tonight will be better. Wish us luck. We need it.

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