Sunday, February 16, 2014

He ate what?!

The other day I was putting together my ikea entertainment center for my hubby and little man was nearby playing with his hammer and toys. It made me smile seeing him playing so intently. I went back to working on my ikea thing. Then I look over and he is gone. He went back by the PC and what was he chewing on ? My Samsung earbuds for my phone! I quickly jumped up and ran to him. Thinking oh crap oh crap. Then I wrestled the earbuds away, I had a sigh of relief when I saw that one had its silicone piece still on. And then I saw it. The one bud had no silicone on it and baby was making a chewing face. I jammed my finger into his mouth to get it out. And the little bugger swallowed it! Craptastic! Now what?! I googled it. And basically everyone said it has to work it's way out. And he was fine he was eating and drinking, no fever. I was now on poop patrol. I had to watch for a pink piece of silicone in his poop. Awesome, just awesome. Not only did I feel like the worst mommy ever, I felt bad for my baby. 
Flash forward to yesterday. While cleaning the bathroom I saw a piece of pink sitting on the floor. It was the missing ear bud!! He didn't eat it after all! My son was going to be fine. I had been having nightmares about that for days and then found that piece. How did it get there? Did he spit it out and it fell off me? Did I actually succeed in getting it out? Who knows. But what I do know is I am greatful for finding it and it has been put up and away.

I know babies do stuff like this, but I was not ready for it.

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