Tuesday, February 18, 2014

His 1 year pics, what a trip.

I had the brilliant idea of getting little man's pictures taken. After seeing many friends have professional photos of their kids for EVERYTHING, I felt like this was needed. So we got St Pattys day pics and his "look at me I am turning 1!" Pics done. He was all over the place, he was full of "I don't wanna " and I am hoping he has some good pics. My friend said she got some and I felt bad because he was really uncooperative. But what can you expect from am 11 month old baby. He, by her standards was just fine, and she would know she is a photographer. 
We used balloons and his 1st bday piƱata. The idea was cute and I can not wait to see the results.
I needs to fill my walls with photos of my little family.I am one proud mama. I got more put into his baby book, which is something I rarely do. I looked back and thought wow, one word answers. Genius. I was tired, really tired then.his baby book is significant because it is almost a year, and I never in the before did I think I would be here boasting about a baby. But, his pictures are a monumental thing, he has survived us being his parents for a whole year and we have the pics to prove it. We love every minute of it, and even though I am with this little man every day, I never have enough little man time. It never gets old. 

We have just too much fun.

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