Friday, February 7, 2014

Video game nostalgia, Tomb Raider

Yes, she is back and old school. Last night I made the comment on Facebook during my boredom of "what would I do if tomb raider was on iPad ?" And so out of curiosity, I looked on App Store..there it was. The original game made for iPad! Shut up! I bought it, for $2.99 and dove into video game nostalgia. 
Here she is Laura Croft herself. Notice the control pad, very basic and yes can be hard to maneuver. People on App Store complained about the d-pad controls. Um analog was not available then. Sooooo, get over it. This is old school.
Save often!
Look. At these graphics! In its prime it was amazing! Hey coming from an 8bit world this was so advanced.
Damn wolves. Yes, I yelled. I remember some of what to do here. 

I killed bats. Grrr! I remember why I loved this game for so long. There was a female protagonist and yes, she had a "Disney " body, but she was a true ba. And among the first female ba main characters. It was refreshing to play her and revolutionary. Finally girls could relate somehow to a main character. Laura was our way in to the video game world. Spyro I would have to say was our second, although he was a boy, more girls played it than boys. From what I experienced. I mean pastel and colorful worlds, saving babies and freeing dragons? I didn't really know many guys that would break from Metal gear solid to play Spyro the dragon. But still Laura, set it in stone that girls can be gamers. Metroid started it, Laura finished it. (Not many people knew she was a girl in Metroid) 

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