Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Me time? Take time for me?

While my hubby this morning was getting ready for work he mentioned something that has gotten my hamster wheel turning. "Take time for you." Followed by "you are the best mommy" take time for me? When is the last time I really took time for me? I mean really took me time. Sure 3 weeks ago I got my nails done, but  I was sitting there waiting for my phone to go off about the baby. Constant mom worry.  I enjoyed it but, was that the "me" time necessary for me to recharge? Probably not. I love being with my son, more than everything. But even god rested and me? Well let's just say there isn't any. Which is probably why and how I got sick. I blame the vacuum for this one. I cleaned it out Friday. And all this dust hit me. Then Sat, I used it to vacuum the floor and I didn't shut the container all the way. Anyways, he told me I need me time. I need to rest. Which is hard. I can not sit still, there is so much to do. Things to clean and a baby to pester. There is no me time. When I exercise I do it even when little man is up. I guess I need to figure something out. Perhaps a shopping trip alone at the mall is needed. Get my nails done and relax at the mall alone. Or call a friend and have her run with me. Sometimes, I hate being alone. Give daddy and boy a day to bond. What do you think? 

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