Friday, February 21, 2014

A day without booger; a bag of groceries, and a glass of wine.

I won't start this by saying oh I went shopping for an hour and saved $50 at Target or Walmart, or wherever. Nope, I am going to start this post by saying I went shopping from 11 am to 8pm, and oh my god I am tired! #mydogsarebarking I went shopping for 8 hours to 4 different stores! All this, just to get that "good" deal. Well folks I did it. I spent a little over $200 but saved $3-400. I have had a glass or two of Moascato, so I am estimating. It is somewhere between $3-400 saved. Wine. 
 I guess in the overall big picture I saved a bit. And I got things to donate to charity. The local Lutheran church gives food to those in need with an open pantry to those who need food. And believe me I know what it is like to go without. And it is rough. It is why I coupon and why I will never stop. I now have so much in my stock that I don't have to shop for a month! Or two. And I am prepared for any financial catastrophe. So, in the event of cataclismic financial issues, we can survive off the stock for months. Yay. 
Our first stop was at Windixie, which is an ok store to shop. Their coupon policy is a bit strange but I did get good bargains. For instance, wine, #herewegoagain was only 2 for $10. And here lately Barefoot wine is $6.97,so this was a great deal! I saved $1.97 on each bottle. So, their coupon policy. If there is a bogo, you can only use 1 mfc and 1 sc. You can not stack the mfc. Bummer. I tried that today....nope. But one this item fabreeze scents; I got on sale and used a coupon. $1.47 for a cartridge. And it was a Christmas pine scent. (Hides cat smell.)  great right?
Then we went to Walmart. And I stocked up on cat food for $2.47 a bag. I had mfc from my coupon site  for $2 off any size Iams cat food. They had a small bag for $4.47. I got a bunch of them along with dog food, tooth brushes for my son, Pampers(not pictured), and Easter stuff. I also got FREE makeup from Wet n' wild cosmetics. How? Well, a $1.00 off any Fergie or regular cosmetic item by that company from the paper. The eye liner was $.93 and the nail Polish was $.93 soooo, free. 

Excuse my Olive Garden box..I got hungry. 
Then we went to Target. This is where I saved a bunch. People let me tell you, Target is a coupon gold mine. If you play the field right you can walk out with so much stuff it is crazy! If you have Redcard and you have the Cartwheel, you can save extra on each item. Example: Glade wax melts. They were on sale for $2.99 each. I had a sc (store coupon) for $1.50 off two and I had a mfc(manufacturer coupon) for $1 off two. There was a Cw for 5% off and Redcard is an extra 5% so, it was roughly $3.14 for two. If you want per item it is $1.57 each. Not bad. There was also a sale on Colgate white mouthwash. This was a steal! $2.99 on sale, sc for $1 and mfc for $1 along with Redcard . I got it for less than $1. I took advantage of that the day before.
So, I got another bottle. Then there was a good deal on baby food. I had sc and several mfc for $ 1 off two Gerber Graduates baby cereal.  It came to about $.74 a container. I stocked up.My boy needs variety. 
He also got green beans. His fave. The cat litter was $7.49 and I got it for $4.49 after my high value coupon. Mfc $3 off! The spree in the picture was free! They were 10 for $10 and I had $1 coupon for $1 off. The French mustard was $.58. The picture above was photo one of two.
I got my hubby dark chocolate m&ms I had a Cw, sc, and mfc. So they were cheap. $2.99 a bag I got $2.50 off two and the 25% off Cw. Wow. I basically got one bag free.
Glade again. The Mio was on sale for $2.50 I got each one for $1 after the mfc. The Loreal hair, I had a Catalina for $1 off.  Catalina's are coupons that print after or during a transaction, to be used on the next transaction. Cvs has these a lot.  Then I had the mfc for $2 off. I got it for $.99! Yay! The Purex crystals were on clearance. I got each one for $2 and the Downy for $ 2 after sc and mfc's. The Party mix was on sale for $1.50 a bag and I had sc and mfc. Each bag was less than a dollar. The Glade sprayer was $7.99 I had a mfc for $3 off then a rebate from checkout51 for $3, making it $1.99! 
I loved saving the money and if you don't include my bracelet I only spent $80 on groceries here.

This picture did not include the freezer items. Which needs to be frozen. So they were not in the picture. I got 12 Maruchan Yokisoba noodles for FREE! I have been holding on to these coupons and there it was a bogo at Publix for these. Normally priced at $.99 each, my coupon for $1 off two made each and everyone free. That is nuts. The Pure Via stevia had a sc for $1 off , I also had mfc's for $1 off. Each box was $2.49 each , after coupons I only paid $.49 each. I had coupons for everything but the vinegar and formula. The razors I got were $9.99 to $10.99 each. I had a sc for $3 off and a mfc for $4 off. Each pack was $2.99 to $3.99. I could not pass that up, ahem it is getting hot again in Fl and that means dresses and shorts. The Pedigree Dentastix was bogo, each set of 2 only cost $1 after a Target sc and a mfc. Along with all the coupons I had Ibotta and checkout51 rebates. This is where you earn cash back for certain items purchased. These are available in the App Store or on google play. As well as online. Combine this with coupons for lots of savings.  
My total at the register was over $200. We all got excited watching the amount go down from the coupons. I love seeing the total go up, nothing better than a slight financial freak out. Then I absolutly love seeing the total go down. One day it will be lower that that, but for now I do not have to shop for a long long time. And the last thing I wanna see is another grocery store as of right now. 

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