Thursday, February 27, 2014

Diaper change from hell.

Picture it, February 27th 2014, there is a beautiful mama and an adorable baby boy about to embark on a diaper adventure that was to be turned into a life changing experience. If you get the picture it reference you are awesome. The baby had pee pee in his diaper and needed changing. The mama needed to do this because of diaper rash. The boy, however, was playing with his Lion King toy and did not want to stop. What did the mom do? She did the only thing she could. She battled the infant toddler boy to get a clean diaper on. It was a battle of wills, a battle of safety, a battle to not get peed on. The mom won, but she hated how horrible of an experience it was. Well, that mama was me.

This story, unlike many a Sophia stories, was not made up. This is a true story. All of a sudden my baby boy won't sit for a diaper change. He hates it. He tosses,turns,cries, fidgets, and almost falls when I change his diaper. And I have been lost on what to do. I have tried singing to him, I have tried giving him something to play with(most of the time it works), but nothing worked today. I finally had to hold him down and what should have taken 1 to 2 minutes of HIS cute little time, took 5. I went to good old Google for help. And I guess this isn't uncommon. Babies around this age are so busy playing they don't want a diaper change. This I know will happen again when he is older and doesn't want to stop playing to go potty in the "big boy" toliet, no matter how bad the pee pee dance is. 
But today, dealing with today, he didn't want it. And no matter how much of a tooty booty he was, he didn't want me interfering with his play. 

I got him to let me change him before bed, though. He was given a bottle of water. And I used the straps on my changing pad to hold him in place. For the record, I forgot those were attached to the thing. As I have never needed them before.And since after looking on mom sites and blogs, I took the pad off the changing table and put it on the floor. He let me change him. I was even able to put cream on his butt. Yay! Now, will it be like this if he needs a changing tonight? Or tomorrow? I am not sure. 
I guess I can wait an see what happens. I hope he will let me change him without the drama attached.

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