Monday, March 17, 2014

What would you do with $400 million?

My hubby and I were talking about this today over our coffee and Special K cereal. What would you do with $400 million? My response was of a responsible nature; pay off debt. Pay off the mortgage and student loans. That I am sure is a given for all who do win that kind of cash. At least I hope it is. He said he wanted to buy the no hunny. You may not. I suggested buying the empty lots behind us and next to us for a big back yard. He suggested buying a bigger house. Of course. Why can't we by like Roseanne's family and live in the same home and just finish fixing it up? You know remodel it. Make a bigger kitchen, have new carpets, maybe see if we could add on? Or not. 

Then I got to thinking, I would buy a new car for me. Something I have never had. I have never owned my own car, or had that first car joy. And I am almost 30. My hubby had the car we still drive when he was 17. But me? Never. It sucks and quite frankly it is sad. Here I am almost 30 and can't afford a new car or newish car. So yeah, if I ever won the lotto ; I would buy a new car. Something practical too and definitely not a "mom" car. No minivans here, yuck. 

I would of course remodel the kitchen and floors. I would paint the inside better and find a way to get closet space and a bigger master bath. I want a tub with jets so I can relax after chasing little man around. After all of that and a well earned vacation, I would invest,save, and still clip. Couponing would not leave, I mean look how much I save! 

Yeah, I have heard of the "lotto curse", I laugh at that. I believe the people just didn't spend wisely. I wouldn't have to go to the finest of finery as far as hotels for vacations. A cruise is cheap and fun, from what I hear. And 2 vacations a year would be reasonable. I wouldn't have to spend insane amounts to have friends, buying friendship is not for me. Nor would I lend out crazy amounts to family members who would only want back in our lives because of $. Sorry, not going to fall for it. Family or not. Don't care. 

My question is what would you do with that kind of cash? How would you handle greedy family and friends? Would you worry about that? 

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