Monday, December 9, 2013

More or less, thoughts on 2014.

It's Nablopomo December on BlogHer and this theme is more and less. Or more or less. Whatever. It made me think of my expectations for next year. So here is a list of what I am thinking.
1. More sleep. Yeah, I am hoping for more sleep in 2014.
2. Less worrying. That won't happen but for certain things I am hoping it will.
3. More financial freedom. Who doesn't want more of this? I need this badly. Which is why I work so diligently on my eBay store and why my hubby works as hard as he does. By the way great stuff is for sale right now!
4. Less debts. Dear Santa, please deliver some ways for debts to be solved. By means on number 3 on this list.  In 2014 I want my debts to be poof (GONE).
5.MORE CLOTHES. Nothing I own fits. If it fits it's not right. My body has changed and although I am down to 113 lbs again. I need hot mama clothes that fit well. 
6. New bras. See reason 5.
7.less run ins with Nature. I mean ants and other critters getting into or trying to get into my home. This means you bears! 
8. More exercise. I do exercise but need more.
9. More "me" time. I think as mommies we cheat ourselves of pure uninterrupted "me" time. We feel guilty or never get it. Because we don't take the time.
10. More makeup and real clothes days. Ok, living in yoga pants and tanks is not really my thing. But, right now my actual clothes aren't fitting the best. To be honest neither do my Yoga pants. They are too big. I don't wear cosmetics as much as I want to. Yes, I love makeup. I like wearing it.
11. More showers. This falls into number9 as well.  I sometimes can not fit it in... until baby is asleep. Then I am too tired to. Mommies you know what I am going through.

This is my far.

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