Friday, December 20, 2013

Extreme couponing.

I was watching extreme couponing on Netflix and you know what, I want to save money like them. I want to be able to buy 1000 worth of groceries and only pay $30. I want to be able to do that. I wish I could. And I am getting better. Today I saved $70 on groceries. My bill was under $200, but I want it lower. And I plan on doing it. Just how I do not know, but I will do it. I learned that certain coupons can be used on items that I was not aware of. For instance, Gerber had a coupon for 3 dollars off formula. My silly butt thought it was only for powder formula. I use the premixed liquids. So, I had been paying full price for a long time! Not cool. I did get free cake today. I had a buy a pie mix and get a free cake, and then the store was doing a buy one get one free on the cake! I got 2 free cakes! YUM! I also got free cookies. I have been bitten by the couponing bug. Sunday, after I get the paper I shall do the rest of my shopping and I plan on spending as little as possible. Can I do it?! Maybe, hopefully. I need to. I really do.

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