Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Finally done decorating.

I finished decorating today. Everything is as it should be. All the lights are up and then some. I love it and through all my hustle and bustle I am forgetting all the troubles of this year. Well sort of.
Today I got some sound advice from my mom. "Take half an hour for yourself.  No eBay. No hubby. No worries about little man. Go do for you. Paint or scrapbook." Good advice. I have no time for that. I work on my blogs as best I can and eBay when I am not chasing the baby around.  Then I clean. I have no time until after little man is asleep.  And if I go be by myself and I, my hubby starts asking where I am. He starts saying I am anti social and he misses me. Which I love that he misses me but, darnit I need 45 mins all to myself.  I do it for him. Why can't I get that? I deserve it right? Ladies what would you do? How do you do it?

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