Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas pains..

Yesterday I burnt my hand with some boiling water. I swear my microwave is trying to kill me. Anyways my day was headed in a horrible direction that morning was full of pain and sorrow. But, thanks to my mom I was able to recover quite a bit. She helped with little man a lot.

While at my parent's house we spent the day watching Martha Stewart. Then we went for a walk and saw some great houses lit for Christmas.  But before that some woman came to their front door asking my mother for money. Money for her friend,  so she could by decorations. She had a print out asking for $100-200. She opened the paper quickly and then shut it just as quick. My mom said no. The woman asked if my mother was sure. Umm what part of no don't people understand?  
The lady walked away and left. This was one strange request.  My dad wished he was there so he could pull an Ebenezer Scrooge. But she handled it well.  I could do less of things like that.

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